Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Three years ago......

This was our Christmas card. Wow who is the other girl??? Don't be silly that there is my Hippie Husband! We had three kids we were already out numbered, and #4 was being prepared. Owen looks like a deer in headlights, Tanner is goofy, and well Colin he is the first born for sure.

Here is my love, this is the kid I used to sing too when nursing. "Booby wooby your the one, you make my meal time lots of fun, Booby Wooby".

This is my Little Bear. He got that name because when he was an infant he slept.....A L O T.
But he is making up for it now, he is my early riser.

This is my Honey sugar, booger, mommas baby, baby boy! What can I say I was so ready for a baby when he came along. And we were so much better at parenting with numero three.
So I just did not want to let my audience down with no post so here you go!!!


Life on The Rowland Ranch said...

You gotta love those Miller boys! Yowee...! Between the Panosian's and Miller's..the Rowland girls are gonna have a great selection of potention would make the better Mother in Law..? Hmmm...we'll let you two fight that one out! ;)

Vicki Miller said...

WHAT who will cook more home made meals for you?????????????

Shipra Panosian said...

sheesh, such good looking kids! Who would ever have thought a smart-mouthed mexican could make such delicous babies???

Vic would be a better in-law for sure. I'm already a bit jealous of my boys' wives. I going to train them that there's no hurry to get married. Take your time and do it when when you're good and ready and i'm dead! Pathetic, I know!