Saturday, February 13, 2010

East Texas Blizzard!!!

We just experienced a Blizzard. Or at least that is what Bryce named it on our pictures. But according to it means: a storm with dry, driving snow, strong winds, and intense cold, a heavy and prolonged snowstorm covering a wide area, an inordinately large amount all at one time; avalanche.

Well maybe we didn't experience a Blizzard. But it sure felt, and looked that way. I mean the library was shut down, the school's, and Wal-Mart was crazy with people preparing. I on the other hand was not convinced it would even snow. But Thursday morning we woke up to Real SNOW. It wasn't the Texas snow we are used too. You know ice really? It was fluffy, white, and Amazing. It snowed all day long. We were so excited. We dug, and I do mean dug around for gloves to keep little hands warm. And then the fun began. The kids built a snow man, then built a snow family, a fort, and other creations. And all the while it kept on snowing. We had snow ball fights, and we ate more snow that should be allowed. We made snow icees. It was wonderful. And then Friday we woke up to even MORE snow. It was like a dream. A winter Wonderland,a post card, a beautiful picture someone else gets to take. But now we were the ones taking the pictures. I have done more laundry than usual, and cleaned my kitchen floor more times than I wanted too. But we also made lifelong memories as a family. I am so thankful that the Lord saw fit to give us such a precious gift. It has been an amazing time of watching my kids play, laugh, and chase their daddy with snow balls. I have loved going out in the dark to get a handful of snow to enjoy. It really has just been incredible. We invite you to see what we have been doing the past couple days. Please enjoy our pictures.

Family picture. My nephew took it. OK so my kids look shabby, but we had FUN!!

These kids have the best daddy of all time:))

This hare is a East Texas Snowman. Yes I spelled here wrong.

I love this picture.

OK this says 10 inches. But we had cleared this area before for snow ball fights. Soooo I wonder what it really was.

The boys were so proud of their 6ft. snowman.

Lucy is proud of her 18 inch snowman:))

Seriously I could have done this all day long. Oh wait I did do this all day long!!

Colin made the most beautiful snow angel I have ever seen.