Wednesday, July 6, 2011

5 and 35

Well it's me you remember me? I sure hope so. So sorry it has been forever since I have blogged. I have a lot going on, but I hope that this will become another regular habit of mine:) On to my post..........

So my baby girl, my one and only, most beautiful, most precious, sushi, angel is .......................Well I'm having a hard time saying it but................ MY BABY IS 5:(
How in the world did that happen? I mean really wasn't she just a baby. That we all just adored and couldn't hold, kiss or love on enough? Wasn't that just like yesterday? I really can't believe it....but I guess I must.....and since I must I guess I will share her birthday celebrations with you. Yes you read it correctly. I said celebrations....We didn't have an actual party for her but celebrate we did!!!
My aunt,uncle, mom, sister and kids came to visit so we all packed up and went to the lake. Where we enjoyed good food and perfect swimming weather..later we ate cake and ice cream. Then her Nana and Papaw sent her some money so we planned a date. We picked up McKenna. We went and had their nails done. Went shopping to buy a new dress and shoes. Went to the store to buy toys and then to get Icees. We then all came home just the girls and we watched a girl movie. Her birthday could not have been more perfect.