Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Quick Update:

Ok so I am so sorry for my lack in the blog world. But we are having computer issues. Here is a very Brief update. My camera was FOUND!!! Yes, I know. It's a crazy story that I will tell soon :) I got to experience my first ever at home birth.......man it was so Amazing!! Kids and I can't seem to kick sickness out of our home. It's getting old! We had 5 calves and now we have none :) We were cow sitting......we will get some soon. I'm just not ready! We love living in a small town. It's the heartbeat of America..............Another story coming soon. Colin just got 2 awards at the sports banquet for basketball, Hustler and most imporved. He is so happy :) Owen had 4 teeth removed by dentist. Tooth fairy gave him 10.00. She is now taking donations! My mom is probably moving to SS :))))) Tanner is till my BEAR! Restoration in friendships is such a sweet feeling! Bryce still has a job and it is going well. We are replacing all the windows in the house. Lucy is still my one and only baby girl !!!! Ok enough I am going to go back home to lay down. Brought to you from the public Library. Vicki