Monday, January 11, 2010

Happenings in South Texas

We left our home sweet home Jan. second. Bryce had work waiting for him. Instead of going at it alone he said "Please, Please come with me Love of my life. How will I breathe without you? " Well OK maybe I stretched that a tiny bit, but it sure is close. So we packed up all our stuff. Which included tools, school things, dog & dog things, and of course my very own pillows. I must have My pillows anywhere I go. It's a habit I don't want help overcoming. Anyhow we set out on our 500 mile journey. We drove into Mathis Texas at 5:30 pm. Just in time to meet for Mexican food. But where? We seriously have choices. It's a small town with a Mexican joint on each corner. But it's real Mexican, real cheap, and especially real good. Then we got to my in laws. This is our camp out, and Bryce's place of employment. So with no kitchen, and only being able to use 1 appliance at a time. By appliances I mean toaster, microwave which we have not used for 6 years, toaster oven, electric skillet, and crock pot. We set off on this cooking adventure. We have actually eaten pretty good for not having a kitchen. I mean is there anything wrong with making your dinner in the laundry room? And using the laundry room sink as your dish washing station, with a towel on the washer, and dish drain. Now on to the Fun stuff. We have hung out with cousins, which almost can't be topped. Watched a couple....OK like 25 movies. Had apple pie at 9pm(usual bedtime) with Papaw. Eaten breakfast, lunch, and dinner out more times than we are used too. Things are going really well. I personally have been able to pick up some of my favorite kind of books about Amish life. I am currently reading Daughter's of Lancaster. By the time this day is over I will have read 890 pages of pure bliss. I am just loving being here. Our schooling is just an incredible set up. The big boys and I are in the church library. The littles stay in a room with Nana toys, blocks, movies, and snacks. I could get really used to this. Maybe we should leave tomorrow before I do get too used to it. It has also been so sweet to see the kids run to their Papaw each night and give plenty of kisses. The boys have gone on a arrowhead hunting adventure. Gone to the movie and Arcade. I'm wondering how many tears will be shed when we do leave. And the weather has been crazy. This is the place I was raised, and remember Christmas's with the AC going and shorts. And so naturally I brought flip flops. Well we had to make a sock run, because baby it's cold down here.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just a year ago.

Just a year ago this is what our children looked like. We were happy and just trucking along with life. I was in school Paris Junior College, Bryce was working hard and we were getting home school done. Kids grow up way too fast. These were my babies just one year ago. Don't tell Colin and Tanner but yes I refer to ALL of them as my babies. And they will be forever. It's just a mama thing. We all do it. It's OK too. And then in May we found out we were to be expecting #5. I was shocked, and kind of mad really. But the Lord helped me get over myself and we were so excited about the addition to our family. The kids were all pulling for a brother. Lucy would say I want the brother kind. And the boys just wanted more testosterone in the house. We were all so excited to think about a baby in the new year. Then in August we lost him. It was a boy. We named him Henry Willis after Bryce's grandparents. Her name was Geraldine Henry,and his Jack Willis. So we used their middle names. I have had that name in my back pocket for someday. He was so incredibly cute. He was waving good bye, and blowing me a good bye kiss. It was the hardest thing we have ever walked through in our marriage. But God has sustained us. Our arms are empty. He was due in just a few short days. These will be hard for me as two of my friends are also due. BUT I can truly say with a clear heart that I am so incredibly happy for their families. Sure I would like to be going into labor too, but it was not God's will for me. It is well with my soul. I will see my boy again one day. And the hope of spending time with him is real. He is having more fun in heaven, and loving Jesus. I am a bit jealous actually. So I guess the point of this post is to Trust God. He loves us more than we can imagine. And even in the times we hurt he is there. Actually he was never more alive to me than in August. He literally held me up, holds my hand still, and is healing me. Thanks for letting me share my heart today:))