Friday, September 10, 2010

Gotta tell you about my new place!!!

OK so a friend told me about a place she heard of that was like a huge garage sale. I heart Garage sales. So I let her go and tell me if it was something to check out. We all went and we were immediately hooked. This place if you just look at it looks like it is filled with junk. But upon closer examination you will find treasures. We have now gone 3 times in 2 weeks. We have been blown away with our finds. It a garage salers heaven as I have described it on FB. There is a pile of clothes that is a mile high and I am not exaggerating. There are books, house things, old luggage's, nick knacks, furniture, toys, and stuff, stuff and a little more stuff! Here is a list of what we have bought on our trips thus far:

Trip #1
bean bag chair
old fashion cake pan
a nice frame
We were new to the game. Total cost of that trip was 5.00

Trip #2
books on my CM book list!
a really cool old fashion toy box
a CD case
awesome knitted blanket
dog bowl
a lunch box for Bryce
mugs, mugs and more mugs
pop up tent
bread machine that she said was a dollar
football pads
a butter dish that I looked up online and it sales for 20.00
and much more 40 items total was 8.00 Each item was 14 cents.

Trip #3
a brand new router
a brand new kitchen aid tea kettle that's RED
a purse
a headphone set
pen bag
2 large bean chairs
1 large blow up globe
a back pack
wicker basket thing for my mom
Today we spent 5.00 for all of this stuff. So today's items were 29 cents each.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Colin Plays Football......

We are not a sporty family. Let me just get that out. We have not ever had the desire to put our kids in the ugliness of organized sports. Some people are mean, crazy, over zealous and just plain weird. Now others are kind, encouraging and good natured people. But it's the craze's I have had no desire to be around. So we have played sports as a family or with other families. Anyhow Colin has been asking to play. Now when I say ask I mean for like 3 years. Not just this random thing. Well this year we decided that if it was what he wanted then we would definitely let him have the experience. This decision was made with much thought and prayer. The Lord worked out all the kinks and believe me there were some kinks. But now my son AKA My Love is a football player. Can someone please tell me how this has happened? I mean he is my baby boy that I love with all my heart and can see him as a little guy. The one that would come up to me and put my head in his little hands and profess his undying love for me. The boy that would tell me how beautiful he thought I was. The boy that was my little man. How in the world did he grow up? Well he has but he is still My Love. And yes I did embarrass him. Because after all that is what Mother's do. We say "be careful My Love, I LOVE you honey, got get the ball precious, you can do this Angel, Mommy's here if you need me son or Did that boy hurt my baby?" I mean really what would this world be without us mother's? OK well sorry for the rambling it is easy to do.......Here you go, here are pics of My Love...AKA The Football Player:)

They get the whole experience......

Team Meeting........

This prayer was for the Moms:) Jk but it was neat to see them do this!

Are you ready for some FOOTBALLLLL!!!

Let's go # 94 that's my baby:)

Who hit him??

I am so proud of him......