Wednesday, October 19, 2011


We have just had a really really tough week. But we made it. And we are all...well most of us...... smiling!! We got back from our dream vacation to Bryce bing sick. He got strep..he has gotten it a few times in our marriage and it normally put's him down. For a guy who never misses work he did 2 days. He went to doctor got a shot that he said hurt and anitibiotics. Some of you are gasping. YES I still hate antibiotics.....but my husband is his own boss. I had a doctor appointment the same day to go over all of my test results. It was a hard appoinment my Dr. told me I have a wheat allergy.....A WHAT? Yep a wheat allergy. She showed me the results. Not only were my numbers high they were in all caps and bold print. She asked me to saty off wheat for 2 months then see an accupuncturist and maybe reset my wheat tolerance. I had to go to the grocery store right after. Thinking that I was going to live on salads. I went to look for french fried onions to put on all my salads. Looked at ingreidient list put it back on the shelf and cried. I then got this overwhelming feeling. What am I going to eat? It was a hard sad night for me. I got home shared with Bryce my sadness and he set me straight. He reminded me that I could have gone back and she told me I had cancer and days to live. She just told me not to have wheat for 2 months. Really? I quickly changed my perspective. Then Wednesday night I got sick........with strep. I have never had the "beast" before. It put me down and hard! I too got on antibiotics. I know *gasp*. But I have never been so weak and sick before in my life. It took me a lot longer to get better. I woke up Monday morning and felt a little better. So glad too because Owen told me his head hurt. I went to touch him and he had a fever. He struggled with fever for 2 days even on meds it got up to 102.8. Then he stared throwing up. I thought at least it's something different. Then yesterday he told me his neck hurt. Well that was my worse symptom. So I loaded him up and went to the Dr. They checked him out thought it was meningitis. After blood work they ruled that out. But the blood work did come back with a very high bacteria count. So back to the lab we went for a more detailed blood work. My poor boy was so weak. I got him his medicine and then back home to rest. He had fever till about 2 this morning. It finally broke. He woke up happy and hungry :) Just waiting on a good report for his bloodwork.

Yes this week was hard and not one I want to repeat anytime soon believe me. BUT we are all alive and we love each other. Some others are dealing with far worse than a week of sickness.

This scripture has been good for me!

1 Timothy 4:7-8
Train yourself to be godly. For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.

I am Super Blessed!

Monday, October 10, 2011

You all REALLY should do this sometime :)

So we made it back a couple hours ago and....... it was the BEST vacation we have ever been on! It was relaxing, fun, adventurous, wonderful and pretty much Perfect. I am describing our mini vacation we just experienced. We went to Arkansas and boarded a houseboat from Friday to Monday. It was the perfect amount of time, the perfect weather and the perfect company. All the adults and kids got along so well. The ladies each took a night and prepared a meal and cleaned up. We had a surprise birthday party for Emma. We ate like Kings and Queens. We went on cruises, took long hikes through the woods, jumped off the top of the boat(I say we loosley). I watched and took pictures. I did however get on the inner tube and float. The kids slid off the slide of the boat and enjoyed the hot tub. They ran off and explored the island's. They made a full fort house with a rock pathway, wall, bench, bed and nightstand. They fished and fished a little more. We sat around a fire every night and ate snacks had a little alcohol and just flat out had a Marvelous time. Tanner found a piece of orange foam that ALL of the children enjoyed. It was a raft, a target for rock throwing, a surf board, boogie board and a boat. It was so enjoyable to watch the kids play so well. We all got a nap if we wanted, slept in if we wanted, worked out if we wanted and just did what we wanted. Sound fun? Well it WAS.. And I think that everyone should experience this wonderfulness. Get a couple of families plan it and go. Here are some of our pictures. Enjoy them while I go switch my laundry :) Oh and I apologize for you having to see all of me :)
The Fergusson's......Doug and Betty Sue some of the best people on this Earth :)
Brotherly love...I have to capture it when I can.


Some of my Men. was Beautiful.......

Colin just a Chillin'


Emma the birthday girl!

Sam jumping so high he was in the clouds :)


Levi, Owen's brother from another mother!!

Russ and Cheryl under the moonlight that was incredible!!

Lucy and her first love...her daddy!!

Russ, Cheryl and I under the stars.....seriously they were amazing :)


Fire building.

The Slide!


The pilot's.

Falling through the chair!!

A wonderful fire!

Lucy and her new best Friend....DOUG !!
Oh's COLD!!!

All Aboard.....

Just some of the scenery we were able to enjoy

The Buckwalter's

The Miller's

The Fergusson's with their wonderful grandchildren. .

The whole gang!

All of the children....who by the way were dreamy!!

Jumping from the top of the boat.

Kitchen duty!

Fort benches in front of their fire ring.

Bed with writing tablet for notes.

The couch. The kids made all of this all by themsleves. They all worked together. It was really a neat house. I want them all with me if I ever get stranded. I would be taken care of really well.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Shhhhhhh...........Don't tell my kids.

This is where we will be spending the next few days. The kids have no idea. We will be with 2 other couples and 5 more kids. Yep that's 9 kids and 6 adults. So happy there are 6 bedrooms. We will be on the 83ft. boat. There is a hot tub on the top level and a slide off the back of the boat. I am so excited. I have wanted to do this for a very very long time. We are all making a main meal, sharing snacks and looking forward to some much needed R & R. Ok remember don't say a word to my kids............I will post all the pics when we get back :)