Monday, October 10, 2011

You all REALLY should do this sometime :)

So we made it back a couple hours ago and....... it was the BEST vacation we have ever been on! It was relaxing, fun, adventurous, wonderful and pretty much Perfect. I am describing our mini vacation we just experienced. We went to Arkansas and boarded a houseboat from Friday to Monday. It was the perfect amount of time, the perfect weather and the perfect company. All the adults and kids got along so well. The ladies each took a night and prepared a meal and cleaned up. We had a surprise birthday party for Emma. We ate like Kings and Queens. We went on cruises, took long hikes through the woods, jumped off the top of the boat(I say we loosley). I watched and took pictures. I did however get on the inner tube and float. The kids slid off the slide of the boat and enjoyed the hot tub. They ran off and explored the island's. They made a full fort house with a rock pathway, wall, bench, bed and nightstand. They fished and fished a little more. We sat around a fire every night and ate snacks had a little alcohol and just flat out had a Marvelous time. Tanner found a piece of orange foam that ALL of the children enjoyed. It was a raft, a target for rock throwing, a surf board, boogie board and a boat. It was so enjoyable to watch the kids play so well. We all got a nap if we wanted, slept in if we wanted, worked out if we wanted and just did what we wanted. Sound fun? Well it WAS.. And I think that everyone should experience this wonderfulness. Get a couple of families plan it and go. Here are some of our pictures. Enjoy them while I go switch my laundry :) Oh and I apologize for you having to see all of me :)
The Fergusson's......Doug and Betty Sue some of the best people on this Earth :)
Brotherly love...I have to capture it when I can.


Some of my Men. was Beautiful.......

Colin just a Chillin'


Emma the birthday girl!

Sam jumping so high he was in the clouds :)


Levi, Owen's brother from another mother!!

Russ and Cheryl under the moonlight that was incredible!!

Lucy and her first love...her daddy!!

Russ, Cheryl and I under the stars.....seriously they were amazing :)


Fire building.

The Slide!


The pilot's.

Falling through the chair!!

A wonderful fire!

Lucy and her new best Friend....DOUG !!
Oh's COLD!!!

All Aboard.....

Just some of the scenery we were able to enjoy

The Buckwalter's

The Miller's

The Fergusson's with their wonderful grandchildren. .

The whole gang!

All of the children....who by the way were dreamy!!

Jumping from the top of the boat.

Kitchen duty!

Fort benches in front of their fire ring.

Bed with writing tablet for notes.

The couch. The kids made all of this all by themsleves. They all worked together. It was really a neat house. I want them all with me if I ever get stranded. I would be taken care of really well.

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{amy} said...

It looks like a super fun place to go! I'm glad y'all enjoyed it!!