Thursday, April 30, 2009

NEVER a dull moment!!!

So this is what's going on today. I have 7 kids. We have found 6 turtles. I have cleaned my floor 5 times. A 4 pound container of berries picked from the land. I want to take a 3 hour nap. There were 2 girls in the tub. And 1 floating poop. So guess what I get to do? While trying to make lunch for 8: And still I am Happy. God is GOOD!!! Oh and I might be getting a bird. SHHHHHHHH Don't tell Bryce he might say NO:))

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Not a product of the city anymore

I don't no what all my city friends are doing today. But already I have been a cattle wrangler. Pig feeder, Turtle look forer(I realize that's not a word). And fence repairer. It is official all the city I had left in me......well it's G...O...N...E... I have the barb wire scratches on my arms, and the poison ivy all over my body including my gluteous maximus:( to prove it. And well I could not be happier. I mean really I am HAPPY. Can you believe it? This girl that used to think her kids could only wear Gap. And always look pretty good. Well not now, My daughter dresses like a bag lady and my boys, let's not go there. But we are the happiest we have ever been. My kids have plenty of friends with our animals. And they love to play in our land. They have this cool club house and they make maps, and rules for it all the time!!! We are terribly blessed and I just wanted to share. Have a great day my friends!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Rainy Days

Rainy Days

Rainy days are so neat
Movies, popcorn put up your feet.
Not me, we have school to do...
laundry, cleaning, and dishes too.
Plus my girl, she is so frightened
with the rain, thunder and lightnin'.
So today I will get things done
And then maybe later have fun!!

Well that's a poem straight from my heart:)
We do have so much school to do. Tanner
was so sick Thurs, and Fri. We were in the ER with him
both nights. He is better now, so we need to catch
up. I have finals next week. I am excited and scared
all at the same time. But ready to complete my first
semester of school. What are you doing today?

Friday, April 17, 2009

It has been so long.

OK so we have Pig DRAMA, Vehicle news, Potty training news, Tennis news, And NO pictures to go with any of it:((

We have no more memory on our computer, so I can not download the 1500 pictures on my camera to share with all you lovely peeps. So you will have to be good with just my great (ha ha) writing for now.

Bryce gets a new truck(to him) today. A blue Dodge Ram 1500 that is a full cab:)
He has been so patient in getting something for us that I believe, God is blessing him with a nicer truck.

The boys all three are playing tennis. But I must say that little Owen is the star. Not because he is the best one out there, YET. But simply because he is the cutest. He is only 36 inches tall and his racket is 25 inches long. I will get pictures soon. His coach really favors him, and he is actually doing really good. He is the youngest out there. He can hit the ball over the net, even though he can't see over the net!!

Lucy is completely potty trained. She woke up a month ago, and did not want to wear a diaper. She potty trained herself in 2 days. She sleeps through the night, and has only had 1 accident.

OK so now the PIG DRAMA!!
I have this really good idea. Well in my mind it was GOOD. We get a male pig, raise him and mate him with my friend's pig and get lots of bacon. Seems pretty simple. Even a city girl can do it right? After all I am raising a cow. Well we are so citified, we go pick up the pig in our suburban with nothing to put him in. So we put him in the back. After he screams and cries the kids start to cry. So Bryce jumps to the back to help calm the pig down. We had to roll our windows down because if you can believe it the pig was dirty and stinky. So we are driving down the highway with a stinky pig, cold kids, the heater going, and Bryce trying to be a pig wrestler. We get him home and had a little pen for him. Till we made him the bigger one the next day. Well guess what? The pig is GONE. Yes I repeat the Pig is GONE. So we go out to find the little rascal. And he runs away from us. Through a neighbor's yard, across the street, through the park, into the high school parking lot, and then into some woods. Meanwhile Colin is chasing him. After I call my sil to come be with the other 3 kids. I get in the car to go look for Colin and the runaway. After I find the animal control officer who says they are at the HS. I go there but where is Colin? I see the pig......Then a police officer one of 3 tells me Colin is on the other side of the HS. He brings him to me and we see the pig. But NO ONE can catch hm. We tried believe me. I have the poison ivy to prove that we tried. For 5 days. We then got a hog trap. He came back everyday to eat, then he would leave. Well the little sucker was renamed Houdini. He was trapped and got out of the trap. So we rigged up the string to our back door so we could get him, and well it has been a week and he is still there. We made him a new pen and now he is safe. And so is our East Texas town. People would call us and tell us that they heard the pig sitings on the police scanners. Once again these city people were in the public eye. But hey we are trying to fit in. Hope this keeps you all till I can get some pics up.