Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Not a product of the city anymore

I don't no what all my city friends are doing today. But already I have been a cattle wrangler. Pig feeder, Turtle look forer(I realize that's not a word). And fence repairer. It is official all the city I had left in me......well it's G...O...N...E... I have the barb wire scratches on my arms, and the poison ivy all over my body including my gluteous maximus:( to prove it. And well I could not be happier. I mean really I am HAPPY. Can you believe it? This girl that used to think her kids could only wear Gap. And always look pretty good. Well not now, My daughter dresses like a bag lady and my boys, let's not go there. But we are the happiest we have ever been. My kids have plenty of friends with our animals. And they love to play in our land. They have this cool club house and they make maps, and rules for it all the time!!! We are terribly blessed and I just wanted to share. Have a great day my friends!!


mommy4 said...

Even though you are so happy, I still miss you being here in the city. Although I bet that poison ivy doesn't make you happy, I'm sure Bryce isn't to happy either that its on your gluteous maximus.

Vicki said...

Judy you crack me up....when can all of you come out to the country????

Shipra Panosian said...

yuppers, you sure are one blessed little lady...poison ivy and all!
And probably it's a good thing that Lucy looks like a bag-lady, I'm sure Bryce wouldn't want her any other way. Shawn wants to keep Raenah in seclusion till she joins a convent, and we're not even Catholic!