Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tanner's a HUNTER...........

Well the boys went on their first hunting trip ever. And it was........a SUCCESS! Well for some it was. Bryce has been wanting to introduce the boys all of them into hunting. But time and finances has been a hurdle. Well our Brother in law has some land and invited them all out for a weekend. The plan was made, written on the calender and days were counted down. The weekend came and they were all set. Bryce walked in the door from work they loaded up and went on their merry way. Well they got to their destination about 11pm. And then stayed awake till 12:30 am. Yes they were hanging with the guys. Anyhow they got up at 5:30am. And set off. Bryce and Tanner went together. While Colin went with Randall. And Owen went with Russ for a few minutes anyway. Then they called Deidra to the rescue. She came to get Owen who decided sitting in a blind quiet wasn't exactly his idea of fun. So anyway Colin and Tanner are out in the cold waiting....and waiting....and waiting. When Bryce decides to say "Hey Tanner let's pray and ask God to bring something for us. So we can share this experience together." He was fixing to say Amen. Opened his eyes and Tanner had the gun in his hands. And shot. After the celebration of hooping hollering and high fiving. Bryce said "Tanner I am not sure that was a legal shot" Tanner's response... "Well Dad legal or not it's what the Lord sent us!" Turns out it was completely legal for a kid:) So we have deer meat in the freezer. We have already made jerky, chicken fried steak and a roast. Oh my it has been so awesome. Hoping and praying that next year will be Colin's turn. And Tanner's again and maybe even Owen. I love deer meat. Here are a few pictures. What can I say. I wasn't there to get 100:)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Texas Snow Storm......

Well not sure some of my friends that live in the North would call this a storm. But for my Texas mind it was definitely a STORM:) We had so much fun. At first it was just the girls enjoying the snow. The boys got rained out from their hunting trip and left early. But what did they get in return? Well a day filled with snow eating, snow throwing, snow fort building and snow gazing. It's what you do when you maybe get snow once a year. We have been richly blessed to get the white stuff 2 years in a row now. And we can say that we are addicted to the white stuff. It's just so fun.....

Don't be surprised if you see this picture again in 11 months:)

My mom and the kids with Mr. Snowman!!

The snowman builder...yes this guy stayed out there to get the job done.

My mom I made her go outside. She was happy I did.

Just keeping it real....with the beautiful white stuff...came much laundry:)

Ready aim fire...."Mom where do we throw them?"...Me " well I guess at me:)"

The boys were coming in to dry off at the radiator heater. They showed thumbs up for fun.

This is what I did a lot of. I really could eat snow all day lonnnnnggggg.

Owen is trying his best to catch the snow:)

Have I told you all lately how much I love this young man? Well just look at those eyes.....their saying..."I LOVE MY MAMA"

Our land

The cow was not happy that there was stuff in the way of his hay.

I just love how this looks.....

Here is a hand full of snow just for me.

What can I say? Colin is into wars and he made 2 small snowman and let them have a battle....Well at least they were the first to melt:)