Saturday, June 26, 2010

Family photo shoot

So I have been wanting to take family pictures for a long time. I even have a good enough camera to take them with. But never have. So I asked a friend that is starting up a photography side job if she would tackle a family of six. She agreed we put the date on the calendar. On here are some of the results. I am so happy with these pics. Bryce was her assistant and would place everyone. Of course some of the best ones are the candid shots. I am just so excited that we have family pics. Now to print and hang them. Hope you enjoy our family photo shoot. For information on our photographer please go here:

We got kicked off the train tracks...giggle giggle:)

Just a little sunny.

Love birds for SURE!

I LOVE these kids so much!!


A friend said" Miller Monkey's" and I think that is the best title for this pic. Don't you?

Owen isn't feeling the LOVE.

Trying real hard here.....

Yep we think we're cool....Oh wait...WE ARE COOL!!!

Fun with NANA:)

Hello there are 6 of us.

Can you handle it? Because I can't...I LOVE THIS PIC!!!!

Lucy and her favorite, most wonderful daddy EVER....Well that's what she says!

What can I say? Oh not much, except that I LOVE this girl with all my heart!

My LOVE he is growing up way too fast, and I remember him being my only baby. Where did the time go?

My Honey Sugar. Ok his name is OWEN!!

Tanner is such a MANLY MAN that he likes flowers.

I am such a blessed wife and mother. God has given me such a gift in Bryce and each one of my kids. Sure hope you have enjoyed seeing some of our family pics.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Just in case......

Lucy and I just had a mother daughter photo shoot. In case I did not send you an email. Some of them came back undelivered. And for those of you not on Face book.
If you would like to see a few pics then go to this link:))

Hope you enjoy them. I cried when I saw them for the first time and there are still 100 more to see!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Here's my girl Before:)

This is the word we have been using for 2 months. Why you ask? Well let me tell you. Lucy has been asking to get her ear pierced for about 2 years. We told her at first that she had to stop sucking her fingers. Soon after we changed it. We said she had to stop sucking her fingers or wait till she was 4 which ever came first. Knowing full well that it would be turning 4 when she got them. We are OK that she wants to suck her fingers till she gets married. JK. I think:) Well she will be turning 4 next Wednesday. And since her daddy will not be here we decided today was the day. We were told to make sure and have 2 people there to do it at the same time. Many have told us that they did not and left with only 1 earring. So we called our local Wal-Mart and they had 4 people working today. So we gave her Tylenol, pinkie, and a snack and head to the big"W". She had so much fun picking out her earrings. But when the ladies started to put on surgical gloves. The " I don't want them anymore...I'm too scared....Forget it...No daddy" came out. After many many many OK like 4 suckers and lots of negotiating she was tricked. The lady was good. She told Lucy they were going to hold the triggers on her ears. They did then nodded at each other and clicked away. Tears followed and shock set in. Then another sucker and certificate for BRAVERY was given and all was well. She is so happy. Her daddy should also get a certificate because he sat with her the whole time. He promised her ice cream. And just held her hand. I was visiting with friend trying to distract the other 7 children with us from watching. And ready to snap away. I almost missed it but here you go. Some pics of my sweet princess with new earrings!!

The meeting of the ladies.

"No daddy No"

OK mark my ears.

"Nope I don't want them!!"

This was the deed. Notice the eyes of the lady on the left of Bryce she is waiting for the NOD!!

It happened........

Keep your suckers....sniff..sniff....

Tears are gone. Sucker and certificate in hand. And happy is the girl with PINK BUTTERFLY earrings!!

She is just too BEAUTIFUL!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hair is so over rated!!

Well at least that is what Tanner and Owen think. They have been begging to be skin heads since last year. And since their hair grows like weeds outside. I said why not. But dad said NO. So while giving them trims, he decided to fulfill their dreams. These are the pics of them with their beautiful locks. And below you will find their happy heads.

Tanner has really enjoyed his new look. And I must say it has been really nice to not have to wait for them to brush their hair. Poor Owen he is so fair skinned that he got a really really bad sunburn. He was only outside for an hour. He decided that having hair to cover his noggin is a good thing. We live and learn people. Live and learn!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

And camp we DID!!

We love to camp. We love to get away just the 6 of us and be in the woods. But it seems like we have not had the opportunity to do that much lately. So we decided that Bryce's first full week off we would head out into the wild and just be. Meanwhile I had planned, paid and gotten childcare worked out for me to go to the home school conference. And guess what? Yep.. after making all those plans and even paying my deposit and preregistering. We found out that Bryce's first week off was at the same time of the conference. So I gave up my spot and got my mind in camping mode. We were all so excited. We were blessed with a pop up camper. And so we packed for a week. Well I packed for a week. I had a menu planned groceries bought, snacks, and drinks ready. Bryce got home we packed up and drove off. We headed to Caddo Lake State park. It is the only natural lake in Texas and it was Fantastic. We had such a great time just connecting as a family. We hiked, canoed, and played during the day. And at night after showers and SMORE'S we played cards and games. It was such a good memory making time. We are so blessed to have each other. Families are FOREVER. Please enjoy some of our pics from our time together ........