Sunday, March 29, 2009

Are we different???

OK so I have a thought provoking question for you today....


As I sat in church today, you know being a good christian and all, well frankly I was disgusted. Please don't be offended just hear me out. If you think I am wrong let me know. But first let me tell you what was so disgusting. By the way it is not just the church I was at this morning. I am talking about church as a whole in the USA. I am disgusted that we as believers who are called to be DIFFERENT. Are no Different. There was a recent study on Christians and Non Christians.It stated that in general we are the same. We really don't have things that define us as being saved or not. SAD but true the reality is that we are no different from the world. We measure up with divorce, pre-martial sex, we believe homosexuals need rights, and we don't stand for anything that goes against this GREAT USA!!! WHAT! No that's not right. We are different. Or are we? I sat behind a family today whose daughter was in service with her parents, great she was dressed the part of a teeny bop per( you know the same look as every otter kid in America trying to look like the stars). But she read her twilight book the whole time. I have been in service with kids playing there Ds the whole service. Are my kids perfect? Do they sit still ,and take incredible notes. Not yet. But I also am not giving them things to get them through a 2 hour service. So by golly they don't get BORED. I mean really do we not have any standards? Are we just that luke warm? The Bible says that it is better to be cold than luke warm. I am so sad. We are to live our lives different set apart. People should see us and think,"there is something different about them that I want". PLEASE, be differnt. Sometimes that looks radical to this world. You know turn off your T.V. read together, play a game. If we are pleasing our LORD then we should be DIFFERENT!! Have a great day.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Community Service

Do you think we look good in stripes? Well we will let you know. Bryce and I like to do things together. You know like camping, hiking, road trips. So when I got a ticket for speeding in a school zone. I knew I could count on Bryce for lecturing me about speeding. Then getting one himself 4 days later. Oh but he didn't only get one ticket he got 2. He always wants to outdo me. So being the good citizen I am I went to take care of the bill. When they gave me the amount and after I awoke from fainting(just kidding kinda). I came home to hide under the covers. The total was $600.00. Oh my. Oh dear. Please NO. What Will I do? A friend suggest I go talk to them. Talk to them about what? I was speeding. So I humbled myself sat in the Judge's room and asked what I could do. The front desk clerk gave us community service. I got 15 hours and well my hubby he got 35!!! So this morning we start. We are going to work the local gun show. Bryce has this idea that he is going to have fun. I am thinking we will be carting around brooms and dust pans. But we will see. Maybe if your in East Texas you will see us on the side of the highway picking up trash. Should I wear a dress? Would they still make me pick up trash? Have you ever had to do community service?

Thursday, March 12, 2009


You know those people we used to think were so Uncool. The one's we knew as kids that were our heroes or enemies. You know the ones that mated and brought us into this world. Or the ones that gave you away for someone else to be your parents. Well those are the ones I am talking about. I had a rough childhood. But even so I am so THANKFUL for my parents. They were kids, having kids. And really they did the best they could with limited finances and education. I have them to thank for my upbringing and the morals they instilled in me. Are they perfect leave it to beaver parents? Are you kidding. But they did LOVE me and take care of me as they knew how. And now that I am the mother to 4 I get so thankful. For all the little things. Like. That I can still call and get their opinion. That they drive up here to see us and our kids. That my mom does my laundry when she visits. That my dad plays rough with the kids. That they are alive. That they would give us the shirt off their backs. That they accept us, and ALL our kids. That they want only the best for us. That they want us to succeed. That they work hard on all of the homes we have had. That they are just good people. And not just my parents but my in laws. I really am a lucky lady. You no to have in laws that I LOVE, and that LOVE me back. They made the man that I call LOVE. They helped him to be the one for me and our children. I am so incredibly blessed to have 4 REAL PARENTS. And wanted to maybe remind someone else out there to be THANKFUL for the little things, because in the little things we can achieve BIG!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The results are in..........

OK this is CRAZY I did not want to post the results...Sorry Winner.
Because you see I have a problem. I had Owen pick a number 1-6. Well
he picked #5. That's my problem, #5 is Jody in Illinois. So I did
another drawing,(with out anyone knowing) guess what Colin picked #5. Well that is still Jody. In Illinois. So I thought Tanner he is my man. And he pulled
out lucky #5 out of the hat(my kids were like can we stop drawing the same #, and I was thinking the same thing!!).
So I called Jody. I thought she would gladly pick a new #. Well, she said NO! She said I have to keep to my word and make her a meal.
The problem is she lives in Illinois. And well I don't. So what to do?
Well she has me marked down for May.....UM don't tell her, but unless I hit
the Lotto she may have to wait a while for her meal!!!! These are not the best pictures of her but she is doing what she does best so here you go:)) Congrats JODY!! I do promise one day to make you a meal in MAY.....................