Thursday, August 27, 2009


We are blessed beyond measure. We owe a huge Thanks to so many. We have been taken on a road that we would prefer not to travel. The Lord is so faithful. He has been our best friend. He has given us such beautiful memory pictures. He has given us GRACE. He has had his people literally be his hands and feet to us. Really our grief is there, yet we are so thankful. Thankful for a heavenly father who catches all of our tears. Who understands our loss, and wants to see us have joy. We are covered by prayers from so many saints. We could not have done this with out our family, and friends. So if you had any part in the Memorial service, the food, the prayers, the phone calls, or anything I am leaving out. THANKS:) We are blessed to have each and every one of you in our lives.

The Miller's

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Henry Willis Miller

Our sweet precious baby boy was born and died on August 18,2009.
It was very sudden, unexpected, and heart wrenching. We no that he is in a much better place, and we will see him again. Please lift up our family as we walk this difficult road.

Memorial Service
Saturday August 22, 2009
Shannon Oaks Church
Sulphur Springs, Texas
10:30 AM

Monday, August 17, 2009


I was going to start this series of why we love Pine Cove. It was going to go through the whole week. I have 977 pics from this past week, and wanted to share oh, about 368. But when we left Pine Cove I started to sneeze. I sneezed the whole way home, and all day Sunday. Then Sunday night I got sick. Like really, sick. My nose was dripping, my body aches, and I feel awful. So my cool series will have to wait. Then today, our Lexy dog died. So I have had a hard transition from Pine Cove life to reality. But on Wed we find out what we are having so that will be cool. So for now here is a picture of Lexy. May she rest in peace:((

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Our Family Vacation is HERE!!!!

So if you have ever talked to me for more than oh a minute. You have had to hear about PINE COVE. It's Heaven on earth. It's a getaway above all others. It's our families special place. We have more fun here than anywhere else. There is something for everyone. There are fun kid camps, crazy counselors, and yummy food. There is a nice cold, dark cabin for Bryce to nap. And there are plenty of horses and people for me to hang out with. Oh the cattle drive....I LOVE IT. I feel so country, and cool. Here are some pics from the past few years. We have been so blessed to be going to Pine Cove, this will be our 5th year. When we get back I will tell you about this year, and the special place this camp has in all of our hearts:))

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Out numbered.....

I got you, you thought I was talking about kids right? Like since I have 4 and am preggo with #5. But the reality is I am out numbered by something else. Something that is private. One thing I have not comes to terms with. Like I remember when there was just a few. I could sit on my counter in the bathroom, and remove them. NO, I am not talking zits. I am talking about....Oh my I am going to divulge. Oh deep,deep breathe. Ok I will be 34 in 6 days. So I guess coming to terms with it is something I need to do. I am out numbered by.................................


I said it, I will now go to the beauty store to buy hair dye.
Just kidding, Bryce likes it. Don't ask me why. I really want to embrace it, but it meeans that I am getting older, and well I am not ready for that:))

Saturday, August 1, 2009

More Than Enough.....

I have had this song in my head for 2 days now. I sing it all the time, like I can sing. But since I am not auditioning for anything I sing loud.

"All of you is more than enough, for all of me. For every thirst and every need. You satisfy me with your love, and all I have is you. Is more than enough."

This is what I am repeating all day..Why? Not sure till last night.

First let me build the picture.

I am leaving Wal-Mart. It's 8:30 pm.
I walk out the normal door I go into to realize I parked in unfamiliar territory.
So I am walking across the parking lot to find my car.
I pass many people. I see a lady.
God directly says I want you to pray for her and her baby.
I say but what if she is not pregnant. I have had this happen to me before and it was not pretty.
I ignore his command and continue to walk to my car.
Having a fight with him the whole way. I don't no this lady, what if she is not pregnant, what of she says go away freak.
I get to my car, and he speaks directly to me and says "go pray for her and her baby."
So I reluctantly turn my basket around and head in her direction.
I smile she smiles, and I say "this may sound weird, but God told me to come pray for you and your baby. Are you even pregnant?"
Much to my unbelief she said "yes I am".
So I say well can I pray for you?
She said "sure".
I ask her for her name.
She said "does my name ring a bell, I say sorry but no."
She then said "I need to tell you something before you pray for me."
OK God what are you doing I am trying to obey, but this is not easy.
She said "Last year in December I lost my 14 month old daughter in a tragic car accident"
So as I am standing there weeping I remember people telling me the story, but had no idea who the family was.
So I gather my self together, and give my condolences. Then say "but I am still suppose to pray for this baby."
So she puts down her stuff, gives me both hands and we begin to pray.
I can't tell you what she got out of it, but I can tell you that God is real. He is speaking today through his people to give HOPE. I walked away with a new friend,and a true sense of the Holy Spirit alive and working. I had disbelief. I am human. But Obedience is better than sacrifice. I did not no this lady from all the other people I passed up last night,but God did. If he speaks to you listen, I was afraid of looking dumb. He loves us, more than we care about how we look.
Guess what? She is due with her 2nd daughter the day her 1st daughter was pronounced dead. Some may think that is morbid. I believe it's God's gift to this grieving mother.