Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I have GOOD NEWS!!!

No this is not a baby announcement sadly. But some really good news none the less. My hubby is MOVING HOME:) Bryce has taken a job with Apx Alarm. I want to tell you the story because it is a Real GOD thing!!! So Bryce was contacted and asked if he would be interested in working for Apx. He was like sure I will check into it ...well that was just 5 days ago. Yesterday I got a call on my cell. It was a guy that works for Apx. He wanted to ask me some questions and I answered. I also had questions. Go figure:) Well it was a phone interview for my husband....Apparently I can interview...the guy then called Bryce and offered him a job. That was just yesterday....Today more details were given and he leaves for Utah on Sunday for training. Is that God or what? I mean 5 days ago it was an idea today it is a reality. Bryce has been so faithful working at the mine, and away from home to provide for our family. It has been a tough road but we have been faithful. I believe that the Lord is giving us such a gift in allowing Bryce to be back home. Where we believe he belongs. Not at all because we deserve it, but because he is a God that loves to give good gifts.And the benefits oh the benefits are just too many to share...but I will tell you this in just him moving home and not driving back and forth and paying rent for his trailer we will save 600.00:) That my friends is enough to dance about..... Just a couple weeks ago in the privacy of my bedroom all alone. I cried myself to sleep just longing to be with my husband again. I told no one. It was between God and me. And he answered my prayer. Does he do this all the time? No, but he has this time and I am so very very THANKFUL!! So there you go if you read my Face book status yesterday about praying for my husband and wondered.....well wonder no more. But rejoice with me:))


This is who I get to spend my evenings with again....

I can't wait............

Monday, July 19, 2010


What does that mean? The number 253? Well 253 days ago I started on this weight loss, life style change. I figured out last night that I have done 230 days. So I have only skipped 23 days. Isn't that cool? Well I think it is. Changes are still happening but my commitment is there and that is what counts for me :) just wanted to give you a little update since I haven't in a while.