Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Been to the North Pole?

Here we are at the North Pole of Texas. OK Shipra so it's not white but, hey it's Texas. We started this new tradition this year. And here are a few pics of our night. Anxiously waiting to board the train. Who cares if the train is pulled by a John Deere tractor. We took the kids, cousins, and friends out for a night of fun.

The kids were super excited as we were the first ones in line. I like to be early to things. And here they are just a waiting. They had popcorn balls and Santa to help pass the time. And of course cousins so nothing could be better.

This was the LIVE nativity. The people were alive and so were all the animals. It was really cool.

Some of you are wondering why would you put in a picture like this? Well it reminds me of someone with a special place in my heart. An old lady I want to help protect. My sister in law who did this recently.

Santa's toy shop with free smiles and candy for the kids.

We had such a geat time and will be back next year. A big THANKS to the Elves family for sharing the gospel of Christ and giving us a nice Free evening.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Chrismas Blessings

This isn't the best picture we have but, it will serve its purpose. I just wanted to share a story with you all of our Heavenly Father's LOVE. Some of you are aware that Bryce my amazing husband has been out of work for a month now. And being the only financial supporter of this family you can imagine. Well let me tell you how AWESOME the God we serve is. About a month ago I sent in a Christmas wish to a local radio station to see if we could get help with bills. We got a phone call from a young lady saying she could give but it was such a small gift that she almost didn't give. I told her any help would be appreciated. Well we had been literally been piecing together our Mortgage and still needed 150.00. Can you guess what her amount was? That was our first miracle. Then I humbled myself and went to the Government to get help with groceries. This was hard for me to put any pride aside that I had and no that I needed help to feed my family. So we got a little help and that was good. Then I went to a meeting and after the meeting in my car was a box of presents for the kids. A week later I was getting ready and could not find my coin purse with all my cards including my grocery card. So I called the last place I was and they said "did it look like an old quilt" I said "yes" the manager then said "well I threw it in the trash". With tears running down my cheeks I called the trash company to see if I could go look for my coin purse. It had the last little bit of cash I had. They said we are so sorry but there is no way. As I sat in my room crying out to God for help he gave me a boldness. I told Bryce that I was excited about God was going to do in our lives. He was like I want what you have because I am weary. Well I called and cancelled all the cards knowing that if I found them they would all be VOIDED. Two hours later I found my coin purse. I went to my room again like what is going on. I needed these cards and now they are voided. I prayed instead of freaking out. I had a PEACE again I could not explain. The next day our elderly neighbor called and said if I could come help her. We go over there and do her mail, trash, and paper. When I got there she asked me to go get my car. She had lots and lots of food for us. So Friday morning I got up early to help out my sister in law at my niece's school party. I was up so early that I thought why not have a quiet time. I read my bible prayed and had PEACE. I knew God was going to do something. I thought it would be sending me my new grocery card. I also told Bryce yesterday that all the hard ships we had been going through in the midst of a hard ship was going to be for the Glory of God. I told the devil that he could keep throwing things my way because I was not going to Stop Believing and Trusting. We worked in the yard yesterday for 7 hours and had a great time. I was so tired I went to sleep on the couch at 8:45. Well the phone rang and Colin brought it to me. I was like I am sleeping. But none the less took the call. It was a lady from our CHESS homeschooling group apparently they got wind of our situation. I have only told one friend who promises she didn't tell. Anyhow the lady said there is a gift for you on your front porch, Merry Christmas. So I sent Bryce out to find a box of gifts or food. He could not find anything. Then he opened the door all the way and there was an envelope. The envelope had 955.00 enough $$$ to pay the rest of our bills. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME. We sat there humbled, amazed and so Thankful. We didn't ask for help from our group. But God knew the exact timing and amount we needed. I have been excited this whole month to see what God was going to do, and he came through HUGE. So if you are believing for something keep the faith, he is faithful. THANK YOU to our CHESS family we so grateful for each and everyone of you. We pray that the Lord Bless you and your family this Holiday season.

The Millers

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I always wanted to be famous

But I am not. That is OK I have dealt with it. My kids well they ARE. You see in this small East Texas town we live in they have now been in the paper 4 times. Its crazy. Let me tell you about this time. The big boys, Colin and Tanner took a class at C.H.E.S.S.(Christian Home Educators of Sulphur Springs) this year called S.T.I.C.(Standing Together In Christ). Well they did so good at our open house night that they were asked to perform at a local church. We were all so excited to show off our kids. What parent isn't? Well 6 weeks and 7 different performances later they are done. One of the little girls thought they could get a bus and tour. So cute. Anyway here is their newspaper picture, some pics from churches, and lo and behold a YouTube Video. What can I say? Get some popcorn gather your children And enjoy!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fire hydrant FUN

We live in a small town in East Texas. Our small town in East Texas does NOT have a water park. So here in the small town when your mom sees a fire hydrant she sees FUN. She calls in her country bumpkin kids an says lets go play. This is when we just got there. The boys were trying to get excited but they are a little timid.
Cautious Colin. Testing the waters to see if he in fact wants to have fun and get COLD.

Tanner on the other hand he's all in. He is ready for fun like his momma.

Owen well this is where he stood the entire time. With Colin's wet shirt on.

Tanner had more fun, no I had more fun seeing them in the water having a great time.

Tanner is trying to get as close to the hydrant as he can. BACKWARDS.

Colin decided to let loose and enjoy himself. And boy did he. I knew he had it in him.

Owen well he stood HERE the whole time. And froze because he had on Colin's wet shirt!!!

Boys show mom how much fun you had! "Mom can we go home and take Hot showers?"
So see we don't need any fancy water park the city has to offer. We are happy and content with fire hydrants erupting and getting to enjoy water in the middle of the street. My kids were being supervised at all times.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Maw and the incredible Bubbles

"Mom can I PLEEEEEASE go inside the bubble bath" My mom has this cool tub with jets in it. The jets haven't worked for three months. We went to visit and since we don't yet have a tub, oh such another story. My kids are drawn to tubs at others homes, its kind of embarrassing really. My kids begging to take a bath at any given persons home but not here, Maw (my mom) lets them make a mess. So when Colin was getting his bath we hear this loud sound. I go running in their to find him covered in bubbles. He only put a little soap, or that is what he says. And guess what he got the jets to work and boy did they. After EVERY kid begging to get in, ( I let them with their undies on) they began their FUN. As my mom and I stood there she decided that she waned in too. So here we are 4 kids, 1 Maw and a million bubbles. We laughed so hard at Lucy who was not so sure about the wonderful bubbles.

Tanner are you OK in there?

Colin should I send in the troops to rescue you?

Well they had a GREAT time and memories to last a life time. It is so nice to have these memories with my kids.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Home School Science

I have to apologize to all my fans out there. But I have been sick. Real sick, and trying to get in as much sleep as my hubby let me take. Like I slept till 12:30!! I have NEVER done this. Not even as a teenager. So here we go this is old school. When we lived at my brothers house in 2 rooms. Oh so I have not told you about that well.....I will just not today. Like I said we only had 2 rooms so we were outside A LOT. We found this walking stick, praying mantis, whatever YOU feel like calling it today. And you can be sure as a true Homeschooler I used it for science. We let him crawl all over us and had a great time. Look Colin was enjoying him away from his face.
Owen well he likes things a little more personal. He and the Stick look like one but if you look close it is on his head!

I couldn't let me kids have all the fun. So I said put him on my hand and quickly he was on my back. I think he thought my hair was a nest or something.

Look how long this thing is!!!
Enjoy more live stories to come soon.
P.S. My dad is doing great THANKS for all the prayers.
P.S.S. I still don't no how to download pics:(
P.S.S. I will become a blogging junkie again soon.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Citizens on Patrol

So here is my crazy Wal-Mart Story. Me and Aminta my sil went to the big W for some supplies. OK OK since I have moved here it is my outlet. I was there for the second time today.I can't help it but where else do you shop in a small town? Back to the story. We are enjoying some sister bonding time.....when this Mexican guy approaches. He is so drunk and trying to be Rico Suave. Tells us this long story of how he needs to go see his daughter and needs gas $$$. So being the giver I say well I can give you a dollar. Aminta says "give him one for me too, and I will pay you back." So I give him 2.00 I drop one and he says "since you have that one out just give it to me too." I am like well times are tough for me too. So 2 bucks is enough. We then go to the other end of the store to check out. Not because we were being so safe. But honestly that's where the open registers were. We leave the store and I say I feel like we are being followed. I look around to just see old people and we get in the car. Well upon exiting this car almost rear ends me. Then starts to drive like a mad man. I call 911 because he almost hit me and 5 other cars. The operator asks me to give her a plate #. We drive by him to get it to see him urinating!! ARR Gross. Well I realize its the crazy man from WM and tell the operator. She asks us to stay there and give her an update if he leaves. As he gets back in his car to leave the cops pull up. We then go to the other side of the parking lot. Now trying to be safe. The cop comes over to ask us some ???'s. Well they arrested him for DWI, and soliciting. He went to jail and we got a sticker( not really). But we did have a story to tell our hubby's. So watch out and don't give people $$$. Oh and do you think I could get my $2.00 back???

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

PLEASE PRAY** Update**

Thought I would put a face so you can see my DADDY!! He is still in I.C.U. He will be there for the next few days. Then lots, and lots of REST!!! He had a heart attack with a massive blood clot. Had he not been there the Docs said he would have died in his sleep:). So THANK you for the prayers, and kind words. I still am believing for his SALVATION most of all.

My father was taken tonight to the hospital
He is having a heart attack. The details are a little sketchy.
And I am not sure if we need to drive to South Texas.
But above all even his medical issues. I am more concerned with my
fathers salvation. Plus all the added pressure of not having medical
insurance. Thank you for taking the time to lift up my father.

Still Daddy's Girl,

Monday, December 1, 2008


I didn't want to ever use this picture but Today it's public!!
Since Ginger tagged me for this meme, and since she's such a good friend, I'll humor her.

Eight Things I'm Looking Forward To:

1. Seeing how God will provide.

2. The BEST Christmas EVER.

3. Spending more, and more time with my one true Love.

4. Having family all bunched up in my house.

5. Eating dinner with friends and family.

6. FINISHING/STARTING to remodel the kids bathroom.

7. Sitting in the school room with the fire going, and my family around.

8. MORE Laughter.

Eight Things On My Wish List:

1. Finishing my house One day!

2.My kids to know the TRUE meaning of Christmas.

3.A Kitchen aid.

4.Winning a prize on Pioneer Woman.

5.A day at the SPA.

6. Winning the LOTTO.

7. World PEACE.

8. To get motivated about Life.

Eight TV Shows That I Watch(ed when we had TV)

1. Iron chef

2. Good Eats

3. Nat Geo

4. Sponge Bob:((

5. The news almost every night

6. Night line

7. That's it folks, all old people shows what can I say?


Eight Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Brushed my teeth

2. Went to Sunday School

3. Watched my kids perform at a church

4. Called a friend

5. Had a blast with my Hubby

6. Decorated our Christmas tree

7. Cleaned up from doing #6

8. Went to MC Donald's as a family had FUN::)))

That was FUN I now tag Judy, Jane, Shipra, and Melissa.

Colin's Candy Creations

Around here I try to limit the kids intake of sweets. Don't get me wrong my kids are allowed Sugar. Some agree and some disagree. I am fine with how we are handling the Demon! Anyhow instead of allowing them to consume it ALL, I let them make creations with it. We marvel at their abilities to create things. We leave them on the counter, then we HAVE to throw them away:)) This is what you start with people. Candy, some more Candy, then a little bit more Candy. Then you let the creative juices flow and this is what your kids can do. This here my friends is a gum ball with crushed nerds, and sweet tart filling.

This would be a star burst Hot Dog! Where is the chili?

And these are parts to cars make with gum, life savers, and jolly ranchers. You never know I may have to use one of these for my old van.

A grave yard of BONES.

You see SUGAR is not always BAD, it can be used to help one be more creative. So find some left over candy and create AWAY!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So being as tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I thought why not use the day to my advantage. I am THANKFUL. I am Thankful for way too many things to list but here is one you can see. This past year we went as a family to a church play. Tanner our second son asked to get saved. Ask Jesus in his heart. So Bryce took him to the front and they prayed for him, and walked him through the plan of salvation. It was such an awesome night. What joy as parents to have our children choose to follow our Lord and Savior. A few months later we were in church and the message was about getting baptized. So as we got home Tanner started to ask questions. We shared with him about what it meant and he again asked to be baptized. Soon we were off to our favorite place, Pine Cove. And what do you know they are having baptismal there. So we signed Tanner up. I am Thankful for the Lord blessing our family with great memories. And I am Thankful to my sweet hubby who got to baptize Tanner.

God is Good. So as you gather round the table with your loved ones. Be THANKFUL. We don't know what tomorrow brings. Have a great and blessed Thanksgiving my friends!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Loving the Leper

This my friends is my leper. Bryce is EXTREMELY allergic to poison ivy. He even gets it if it's air borne. Pretty crazy huh? Well this is just a little of what he looks like. Honestly, I just could not stand the fact of no new post today. I"m addicted, and digging deep!! He could have at least brushed his hair. I mean his face and neck already look REALLY bad.

But even after kissing this man for 18 years now, I don't get it. Praise the Lord, he knows who to give these things too.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pictures of a HOTTY.....

My husband is gone...He has been going back and forth to South Texas for 5 weeks now. So I thought I would have some pictures done for him. I called one of my trusty photographing friends and away we went. Let me set this up for you. Ready for a mental picture??
We deiced we needed to go get them done, in 10 minutes I had my hair and make up done and out the door we went. With 7 kids. We went driving around our small town for the exact location. We found it with the right lighting. What am I suppose to do?? I mean I can cook for you and clean.....but SEXY well I have to work at that. So we talked, I laughed as people drove by and honked. And the kids streamed out of the car. "Mom Lucy and Vivian are screaming". Oh ya we can hear them!! And so can everyone else. So as the big kids got out and climbed all over the car and got away from the crying toddlers we pretended to be an exotic photo shoot!
This is one of my faves. I am not naturally photogenic. I worked with what I have and am happy with the results.

Pouty LIPS oh my!!

Could I look anymore like I am taking a senior picture or what?

Just thinking about making out with Bryce on the front porch!!
Don't worry it's a JOKE....well maybe it is:)

REALLY did I think I could pull off this sexy look?? That's OK I am telling Colin I kept it because that ring I am wearing he made for me out of wire. And well Jody cropped it just right!!
Thanks Gretchen and Jody for all the hard work in making me look GOOD!!!