Sunday, December 14, 2008

Maw and the incredible Bubbles

"Mom can I PLEEEEEASE go inside the bubble bath" My mom has this cool tub with jets in it. The jets haven't worked for three months. We went to visit and since we don't yet have a tub, oh such another story. My kids are drawn to tubs at others homes, its kind of embarrassing really. My kids begging to take a bath at any given persons home but not here, Maw (my mom) lets them make a mess. So when Colin was getting his bath we hear this loud sound. I go running in their to find him covered in bubbles. He only put a little soap, or that is what he says. And guess what he got the jets to work and boy did they. After EVERY kid begging to get in, ( I let them with their undies on) they began their FUN. As my mom and I stood there she decided that she waned in too. So here we are 4 kids, 1 Maw and a million bubbles. We laughed so hard at Lucy who was not so sure about the wonderful bubbles.

Tanner are you OK in there?

Colin should I send in the troops to rescue you?

Well they had a GREAT time and memories to last a life time. It is so nice to have these memories with my kids.


Mary Beth said...

Love it! Thanks for the new blogs! I hope you get to feeling better soon!!!!

Melissa said...

Oh, I love that story!
And, the pictures are PRICELESS!!!
What a cool granny they have!

Shipra Panosian said...

Those are some serious bubbles!
Such a great memory to have of their Maw. I love how you let the kids have fun first and think about the mess later.

DailyGlimpses said...

LOL! Great fun and memories! Reminds me of our honeymoon. We put a little too much bubble bath in the jetted tub and about suffocated in bubbles! ;) Doesn't take much with a jet tub!