Thursday, December 4, 2008

Citizens on Patrol

So here is my crazy Wal-Mart Story. Me and Aminta my sil went to the big W for some supplies. OK OK since I have moved here it is my outlet. I was there for the second time today.I can't help it but where else do you shop in a small town? Back to the story. We are enjoying some sister bonding time.....when this Mexican guy approaches. He is so drunk and trying to be Rico Suave. Tells us this long story of how he needs to go see his daughter and needs gas $$$. So being the giver I say well I can give you a dollar. Aminta says "give him one for me too, and I will pay you back." So I give him 2.00 I drop one and he says "since you have that one out just give it to me too." I am like well times are tough for me too. So 2 bucks is enough. We then go to the other end of the store to check out. Not because we were being so safe. But honestly that's where the open registers were. We leave the store and I say I feel like we are being followed. I look around to just see old people and we get in the car. Well upon exiting this car almost rear ends me. Then starts to drive like a mad man. I call 911 because he almost hit me and 5 other cars. The operator asks me to give her a plate #. We drive by him to get it to see him urinating!! ARR Gross. Well I realize its the crazy man from WM and tell the operator. She asks us to stay there and give her an update if he leaves. As he gets back in his car to leave the cops pull up. We then go to the other side of the parking lot. Now trying to be safe. The cop comes over to ask us some ???'s. Well they arrested him for DWI, and soliciting. He went to jail and we got a sticker( not really). But we did have a story to tell our hubby's. So watch out and don't give people $$$. Oh and do you think I could get my $2.00 back???


Life on The Rowland Ranch said...

Girl!! Be careful!!

Shipra Panosian said...

those creepy mexicans :) :)

Seriously, I'm glad you had someone with you and that you are both ok.

Mary Beth said...

I need another blog posted soon, Missy!!! I am having withdrawals! HA :)