Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So being as tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I thought why not use the day to my advantage. I am THANKFUL. I am Thankful for way too many things to list but here is one you can see. This past year we went as a family to a church play. Tanner our second son asked to get saved. Ask Jesus in his heart. So Bryce took him to the front and they prayed for him, and walked him through the plan of salvation. It was such an awesome night. What joy as parents to have our children choose to follow our Lord and Savior. A few months later we were in church and the message was about getting baptized. So as we got home Tanner started to ask questions. We shared with him about what it meant and he again asked to be baptized. Soon we were off to our favorite place, Pine Cove. And what do you know they are having baptismal there. So we signed Tanner up. I am Thankful for the Lord blessing our family with great memories. And I am Thankful to my sweet hubby who got to baptize Tanner.

God is Good. So as you gather round the table with your loved ones. Be THANKFUL. We don't know what tomorrow brings. Have a great and blessed Thanksgiving my friends!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Loving the Leper

This my friends is my leper. Bryce is EXTREMELY allergic to poison ivy. He even gets it if it's air borne. Pretty crazy huh? Well this is just a little of what he looks like. Honestly, I just could not stand the fact of no new post today. I"m addicted, and digging deep!! He could have at least brushed his hair. I mean his face and neck already look REALLY bad.

But even after kissing this man for 18 years now, I don't get it. Praise the Lord, he knows who to give these things too.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pictures of a HOTTY.....

My husband is gone...He has been going back and forth to South Texas for 5 weeks now. So I thought I would have some pictures done for him. I called one of my trusty photographing friends and away we went. Let me set this up for you. Ready for a mental picture??
We deiced we needed to go get them done, in 10 minutes I had my hair and make up done and out the door we went. With 7 kids. We went driving around our small town for the exact location. We found it with the right lighting. What am I suppose to do?? I mean I can cook for you and clean.....but SEXY well I have to work at that. So we talked, I laughed as people drove by and honked. And the kids streamed out of the car. "Mom Lucy and Vivian are screaming". Oh ya we can hear them!! And so can everyone else. So as the big kids got out and climbed all over the car and got away from the crying toddlers we pretended to be an exotic photo shoot!
This is one of my faves. I am not naturally photogenic. I worked with what I have and am happy with the results.

Pouty LIPS oh my!!

Could I look anymore like I am taking a senior picture or what?

Just thinking about making out with Bryce on the front porch!!
Don't worry it's a JOKE....well maybe it is:)

REALLY did I think I could pull off this sexy look?? That's OK I am telling Colin I kept it because that ring I am wearing he made for me out of wire. And well Jody cropped it just right!!
Thanks Gretchen and Jody for all the hard work in making me look GOOD!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Three years ago......

This was our Christmas card. Wow who is the other girl??? Don't be silly that there is my Hippie Husband! We had three kids we were already out numbered, and #4 was being prepared. Owen looks like a deer in headlights, Tanner is goofy, and well Colin he is the first born for sure.

Here is my love, this is the kid I used to sing too when nursing. "Booby wooby your the one, you make my meal time lots of fun, Booby Wooby".

This is my Little Bear. He got that name because when he was an infant he slept.....A L O T.
But he is making up for it now, he is my early riser.

This is my Honey sugar, booger, mommas baby, baby boy! What can I say I was so ready for a baby when he came along. And we were so much better at parenting with numero three.
So I just did not want to let my audience down with no post so here you go!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nothin' but COUSINS

Is there anything better than a day spent in the water? Well.... YES.....A day spent in the water with cousins. We were visiting in August and picked the cousins up from school. They go year round. Then we headed to the local T-heads to put our FEET in the water and to bird watch. This is Tanner with his homemade surfboard. Gotta love those homeschoolers. We can use our imaginations!

So a little more got wet. Did we have a change of clothes...NO. Did we have towels.....NO. But we DID have a great time!! See all those heads turned? They are on a jelly fish hunt. They caught 75 of them and I am Not exaggerating.

They were all so good and enjoyed being together. I am so THANKFUL for family, friends and FUN.

A little history. Did you know that Whataburger originated in Corpus Christi, Texas? Well it did. So with our kids meal toys in hand we went a digging. Watch out they may end up in your back yard. I think they are still digging!!!

Lucy isn't quite sure she likes the salty water! But she did have twelve thousand pieces of sand in each pocket. Do I make that face?? Oh my I am so sorry if I do.

So fun running with the waves.

No matter the size, or color. Boys ,well they will be BOYS!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Lucy Lou, Goosey Lucy, Juicy Lucy

Introducing, LUCY. She has many different names but my favorite, would be" My one and only baby girl". Yes you see I was the mom of boys for so long that a girl well, I wasn't interested in. I was a BOY mom! Or so I thought. But the day I found out my 4Th child was a girl...... do you want the truth or some beautiful story? I like the truth so...I CRIED. I was not sure what to make of it "a GIRL, are you sure check again" is what I told the sonographer. And yes much to Bryce's joy she said Yep you all will be having a Girl! I had to get used to the idea, but soon enough the joy of PINK well it took over. Bryce was no help as he wanted EVERYTHING pink. I on the other hand wanted to be cool. Maybe something yellow and red, but everything pink I was not ready for. So as I go down memory lane I hope you enjoy. This is Lucy at 2 years old.

Is she the most BEAUTIFUL girl or what?? OK so for you moms out there I realize you cant answer that the way I want. Because I realize you have the most beautiful girl in your home too. It's OK we can all have BEAUTIFUL girls, and they can be friends!

This is Lucy minutes old. I would like to share the story of her entrance in this world we call home.

This is a TIRED Mama and that there is Jody(covering me), and my loving sister who had to put up with me. Gretchen is there too, but much to my disliking she is where she always is, behind the camera!!! This would be moments after the BIG event. Lucy was due June 20 2006. So my family, mom, dad. sister, niece, and nephew made the long drive up to be there with me. We are Mexican and always together. So why not for the birth of my girl. Anyway the 20Th came and went. they took the drive back home because like my dad says" somebody has too work". My sister called 2 days later and said I will come if you want me too. My response "Don't bother I don't think I am ever having this baby. I am pregnant with an elephant" She came anyway. We talked, had a nap, and started to watch Oprah. When suddenly I had a pain. I went to take a bath because that would make it go away. That's what I thought but,it did not work . My sister got on the phone and asked Bryce to come home. Then she called Gretchen, and Jody to get ready. We just might have a long night ahead of us. So Jody miss home birth( I really wanted to do this naturally) told my sister to warm up wash cloths for my tummy. I ended up throwing them at her and saying bad things. What was going on It came on so quickly. Bryce was not home So I called him and said" Get home NOW!!!"

I forgot to tell you it was Friday 4:30 Rush hour DALLAS traffic. So when he finally got there I met him outside. Bryce, my sister, and Crazy Pregg Woman got in the van. I told Bryce to speed. I told him to honk his horn. I told him I was going to jump out the car,and walk. I told him I was so angry at him for doing this too me. Then I proceeded to climb into the dashboard as a way out. I was going CRAZY. We arrived at the hospital and, I was all worked up by then. I didn't care that the lobby room full of people were staring at me while I screamed and cried. Man where did my self worth go? They tried to put me in a wheel chair and I cried even more. So they walked me to my room. Gretchen got there right about this time, she had to travel from McKinney in traffic too. So she said two simple words that started to change things. She simply said " JUST BREATHE". What a novel idea. I started to just breathe if only I had done that for the last 2 hours. We got in to the room and I insisted on an epidural. Wanting to throw all the natural hoopla ha la out the window. I even made my sister call the naturals and tell them if they were going to be disappoint then don't come. I desired a natural birth but at the moment I was NOT responsible for my thinking. So even though the nurses told me they were getting me one(they LIED) it was far too late for one. Moments later on my knees I told everyone to get out because I am Modest and I wanted to poop. But much to my dismay it was not my urge to relieve myself I was having a baby. So after a short but exhausting 3 hours Lucy my beloved daughter was in the world. I never thought I could do it. Natural that is, or be the mother of a daughter. But I am so happy that there is one who is in control of my life that knows what I need and when I need it. I could not possibly imagine life WITHOUT my Princess. She brings such joy to all of our lives. And the LOVE well its enough to make a mama proud, and fall in love a million times over.

So Shipra you see this is what you get to look forward too. WHAT JOY!!

First family picture of SIX.

My bundle of Love, all wrapped up for a nap.

My mom and her favorite grand kids.

This picture well this is too celebrate the girl in our lives. It's a tribute to their sister!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Arkansas Surprise

See here this is my Hubby, he thinks he is getting ready for work. Little does he know his wife has been a scheming. I planned this secret getaway for us, for like a month. That does not seem long to many but for me, RECORD. I can NEVER keep secrets from Bryce, I am too much like a giddy kid and ALWAYS spill my guts. But nope not this time, this time I called his boss, made arrangements for the kids, called the resort we stayed at, and planned the menu right under his nose. Here he is as I told him we were leaving town for three days just me him, and our love. Do you see the papers taped to the mirror?(that would be our itinerary) Well, don't worry neither did he. Here this is what LOVE is people. Me, wrapped up in Bryce's arms. We are at the bottom of a beautiful water fall that we hiked a mile to see. It was worth it. This was the beginning of my hiking adventure.

What do you see? Some may say, a boot. Others a sexy leg. Then some may sat Dirt. Well what this really is, the left foot, of a very beginner hiker. You see before this trip I would have called my self a hiker. But in reality, I am NO hiker. Those shoes you see, well they aren't even 7 hours old. Bryce decided to ask me" what did you bring to hike in?" My response" Oh just some tennis shoes". So we pulled into the first athletic store we found and well Bryce picked these out for me. And those socks, oh my. They were 20.00 for 2 pair!! I don't think I pay 20.00 for all of our socks. but he insisted I would be thankful.. I was THANKFUL for those little pricey boogers. Because what you are also looking at is a foot that at this point was excited to be on the 12 mile hike we were going on. But in the next few hours that foot, well it was achy, and bloody. I thought about cutting it off, when we realized that our nice hike turned into a 17.5 mile kick my butt hike. We took a wrong turn and ended up doing the whole park of trails.

Yep he is that STRONG, he was holding up the rock just for ME!

This was at the top, of another amazing waterfall. I looked over twice while Bryce held me. Heights aren't my best friend. See those two globs on the bottom left side if the picture? Those are people.

This is a man who has not yet come to face that fact, that we are totally LOST!

Aren't we so cute, this was before the hike. We should have taken a picture of the after. I'm afraid it may have not been appropriate.

This a butterfly that I took 100 pictures of while Bryce looked at the map. So do you think butterflies have feelings?? I would have said no, but after seeing this butterfly mourn the loss of his mate or best friend. I now have a different opinion. The one on the left is dead and the blue one would do this dance as it got close. The he/she would fly away and come back and just be there. I tried not to be too intrusive, as I could clearly see that something was happening, but I was so enthralled in the experience. I didn't want to leave the scene. It was amazing and beautiful. Soon I had to go we were on a mission to do this hike in record time. Well Bryce wasn't but I was!

That there is my SEXY picture for Bryce. What it's not ??? I'll work on it for next time. Hopefully there will be a next time sooner than later. We had such a good time, just hanging the two of us. We had our own private suite with a jacuzzi, but those pictures well there under lock and key. Thanks to Maralee for keeping all 4 of our kids, and enjoying it. Well that's what she said at least. Anyway we have memories to hold onto for many years. I am so thankful to friends and family that love us enough to help us invest in our marriage. So if you haven't gotten away lately with the one you Love DO IT, and SOON!!!