Sunday, November 16, 2008

Arkansas Surprise

See here this is my Hubby, he thinks he is getting ready for work. Little does he know his wife has been a scheming. I planned this secret getaway for us, for like a month. That does not seem long to many but for me, RECORD. I can NEVER keep secrets from Bryce, I am too much like a giddy kid and ALWAYS spill my guts. But nope not this time, this time I called his boss, made arrangements for the kids, called the resort we stayed at, and planned the menu right under his nose. Here he is as I told him we were leaving town for three days just me him, and our love. Do you see the papers taped to the mirror?(that would be our itinerary) Well, don't worry neither did he. Here this is what LOVE is people. Me, wrapped up in Bryce's arms. We are at the bottom of a beautiful water fall that we hiked a mile to see. It was worth it. This was the beginning of my hiking adventure.

What do you see? Some may say, a boot. Others a sexy leg. Then some may sat Dirt. Well what this really is, the left foot, of a very beginner hiker. You see before this trip I would have called my self a hiker. But in reality, I am NO hiker. Those shoes you see, well they aren't even 7 hours old. Bryce decided to ask me" what did you bring to hike in?" My response" Oh just some tennis shoes". So we pulled into the first athletic store we found and well Bryce picked these out for me. And those socks, oh my. They were 20.00 for 2 pair!! I don't think I pay 20.00 for all of our socks. but he insisted I would be thankful.. I was THANKFUL for those little pricey boogers. Because what you are also looking at is a foot that at this point was excited to be on the 12 mile hike we were going on. But in the next few hours that foot, well it was achy, and bloody. I thought about cutting it off, when we realized that our nice hike turned into a 17.5 mile kick my butt hike. We took a wrong turn and ended up doing the whole park of trails.

Yep he is that STRONG, he was holding up the rock just for ME!

This was at the top, of another amazing waterfall. I looked over twice while Bryce held me. Heights aren't my best friend. See those two globs on the bottom left side if the picture? Those are people.

This is a man who has not yet come to face that fact, that we are totally LOST!

Aren't we so cute, this was before the hike. We should have taken a picture of the after. I'm afraid it may have not been appropriate.

This a butterfly that I took 100 pictures of while Bryce looked at the map. So do you think butterflies have feelings?? I would have said no, but after seeing this butterfly mourn the loss of his mate or best friend. I now have a different opinion. The one on the left is dead and the blue one would do this dance as it got close. The he/she would fly away and come back and just be there. I tried not to be too intrusive, as I could clearly see that something was happening, but I was so enthralled in the experience. I didn't want to leave the scene. It was amazing and beautiful. Soon I had to go we were on a mission to do this hike in record time. Well Bryce wasn't but I was!

That there is my SEXY picture for Bryce. What it's not ??? I'll work on it for next time. Hopefully there will be a next time sooner than later. We had such a good time, just hanging the two of us. We had our own private suite with a jacuzzi, but those pictures well there under lock and key. Thanks to Maralee for keeping all 4 of our kids, and enjoying it. Well that's what she said at least. Anyway we have memories to hold onto for many years. I am so thankful to friends and family that love us enough to help us invest in our marriage. So if you haven't gotten away lately with the one you Love DO IT, and SOON!!!


The Mommy Blawger said...

I'm inspired! Thanks for sharing, Vicki.

Life on The Rowland Ranch said...

You are my hero! I'm so amazed that you're able to pull all that off..without Bryce even knowing! Bryce sure is blessed to have you for a wife!! I'm taking notes...

Kelly said...

Sounds great! All except the forever hike, bloody feet and and all that dirt! I do like the idea of some quality time with the husband though! Looks fun.

shipra said...

what a great recap of your trip, Vic. You make even 17.5 mile hikes with bleeding feet sound like a blast!
And by the way...that sexy pic...SMOKIN!!!! :)