Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So being as tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I thought why not use the day to my advantage. I am THANKFUL. I am Thankful for way too many things to list but here is one you can see. This past year we went as a family to a church play. Tanner our second son asked to get saved. Ask Jesus in his heart. So Bryce took him to the front and they prayed for him, and walked him through the plan of salvation. It was such an awesome night. What joy as parents to have our children choose to follow our Lord and Savior. A few months later we were in church and the message was about getting baptized. So as we got home Tanner started to ask questions. We shared with him about what it meant and he again asked to be baptized. Soon we were off to our favorite place, Pine Cove. And what do you know they are having baptismal there. So we signed Tanner up. I am Thankful for the Lord blessing our family with great memories. And I am Thankful to my sweet hubby who got to baptize Tanner.

God is Good. So as you gather round the table with your loved ones. Be THANKFUL. We don't know what tomorrow brings. Have a great and blessed Thanksgiving my friends!


Life on The Rowland Ranch said...

And I'm thankful for YOU, Vicki Miller!!

Shipra Panosian said...

How wonderful and what great pics you have to capture that memory. I'd love to have the boys baptized by Shawn. They were baptized by their Papo and Shawn wasn't even there!!!!!!!!!
We have so much to be thankful for don't we? :)

Melissa said...