Friday, November 14, 2008

Pine Cove

There is this place we like to call Pine Cove. Ok, Ok, so whoever founded it called it Pine Cove, but its catchy. Say it 4 times and you will be hooked. We have friends the Rowlands that have gone there for forever. They told us about this place and we did not listen for a while. Then back in 2004 we decided to try it out ourselves. Well we were hooked. We had the best family vacation ever. Not to mention we went with the Rowlands. Then we met the Rindfleisch's crazy last name AMAZING family. They have become good friends we keep up with and Love. And well the Rowlands, they are stuck with us for a lifetime! So back to PC. We were so shocked when they broke out into song about everything. And when I say EVERYTHING I mean EVERYTHING. We had the best time, and you no I joined in the singing. There was family fun games, Snacks(sugar, sugar sugar, sugar sugar) See I just broke into one of their songs. Sorry but that will happen again in this post:) And Fun, FROG CATCHING, pool open till 10pm every night, water sports, horse back riding, and a carnival at the end. Lets not talk about the end I might just cry. Hey this is supposed to be FUN!!!

This here is my sweet Colin he is overcoming his and my fear of heights. We sat at the top of this zip line for 45 minutes not sure we could do it. After much encouragement, and tears(I also wet my pants). We went down. Although he was willing to take a picture I on the other hand, did not want to embarrass myself or husband anymore. I can say I did it though! Colin has now done the zip line every year. I am so proud of him. Did I mention we went frog hunting every night??

Oh see, here is Tan Man with is sweet lovable frog!! As I packed things for Pine Cove I noticed a strange request to bring a bug catcher. What? But being the rule follower that I am I got every boy their own new bug catcher. And a really cool flashlight complete with a frog ribbon to carry it. At PC it is a tradition, kids walk around with their flashlight and bug catchers. And well they collect away. Big ones, little ones, green ones, red ones, fat ones, an ones that stick to you. So there you have it a Pine Cove tradition down by the Millers.

I told you the pool was open till 10pm. Do they look tired or what? I can tell you not one kid gets up early at Pine Cove. Well some neighbor kids do but not mine:) Here they are after a long day of fun, coming back from more fun with dad. Wheres mom you ask? Mom is at home with a 5 week old baby girl sleeping. Where else would I be with that young of a baby at camp?

The water rocket. This thing is violent! They get going FAST, well its not that fast but for a big girl like me who has a hard time getting back on that thing its fast OK! I would LOVE to show you pictures of me trying to get back on. But I do have some self worth. For right now I can't do that. Maybe after some more therapy.

Needless to say Pine Cove has been a family tradition now for 4 years. We are so thankful to all the counselors for all the laughs, jokes and songs.
So as I leave you today I leave you with a song!!
D-E-V-O-S,family devos are the best Huaaahh, Huahhh
Family's Forever.
Let me see your junk food aisle
Whats that you say
I said let me see your junk food aisle
Whats that you say
I said I want to see your junk food aisle
Whats that you say
I said chips and candy chips, chips and candy WHAT!!


Jody said...

You're gonna have to figure out how to use a microphone with your computer. I just can't quite catch the tune of those fun camp songs!

Ginger said...

Great pics!! Nice blog.

Life on The Rowland Ranch said...

I caught every tune and sang right along with you... :) Jody, you just gotta COME and experience Pine Cove..then those tunes will stay in your mind..FOREVER! :) Vicki...have you gotten your first paycheck yet..? I mean..REALLY.. Pine Cove should be sending you some serious cash for the awesome promo you're doing for them..not to mention your wardrobe..let me're wearing AT LEAST one Pine Cove article of clothing right now.. Love you girl!

shipra said...

I have wanted to try PC for years. This just makes me want it more than ever. You and the Rowlands rave about it every year. Though, must confess, the frog catching things doesn't sound too appealing!

Way to go for braving the zip-line you mad-blogging fool you :)