Thursday, February 19, 2009

I guess I'm an Official Blogger

Because I am going to do my First Giveaway

RULES: You have to answer my question, by leaving a comment.
Contest Ends: In a week

OK so what can I do that I LOVE?
I will make dinner for you and your family or guest. I will make sure you are fed and have FUN!!

Choose your meal.

If you have kids, and want to just be an adult thing.... I will arrange child care. So is it tempting? Leave a comment and we will see who wins!
We will have a great night...

What makes YOU happy:)????

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I've Been Tagged

They say that what's in your wallet reveals your priorities. Let's test that theory. List 12 cards you find in your wallet, then tag 12 people.

A Dozen Cards in My Wallet:

1. My debit card
2. library card
3. different library card
4. S.S. Wildcat card that I cant use in S.S.:((not too much anyway)
5. Wal Mart Gift card
6. C.H.E.S.S. debit card
7. Get out of jail free card
8. College I.D. card
9. Bread store card
10.Lowe's card my hubby would be proud!!
That's it. I don't have 12 cards.

Ok I tag Gretchen, Judy, Jody, Shala, Joy, Ange, Shipra, Kelly, Melissa, Jane, Cory, KT.

That's it. Do it have some FUN in your life!!!!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Cooking Class

I teach a cooking class at our co-op. Every Monday we make dinner for 10-13 families. I have 8 students which make up 5 families. But the board members also buy a meal. We prepare most of the food in class, and the kids(teenagers) have homework every week. I have made them do things like chopping an onion, boil and debone a chicken, and many more. Totally gross things you no like touch a RAW chicken. We have had such a good time. These teenagers are a joy to teach and be around. I find it funny sometimes, that usually teenagers are hard, emotional meanies. These home schooled kids are different. Do they get upset? Of course they are human. Are they emotional? Well didn't you and me have raging hormones. But still there is a difference. They have R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Don't make me break out into a song because I will. They really do, they are young don't get me wrong but they have a good head on their shoulders and I expect great things from them. I have the best helper her name is Shala the kids and I think she is Awesome. Also we could not do as great a job with out the amazing kitchen we have the privilege of using at United Methodist Church. Enjoy these snap shots of my WONDERFUL students. And if you ever see them on the road, ask them to tell you what AU JUS means!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Redneck MEAT East Texas Version

Not to be mixed up with the Robinson Illinois Version.
This is the definition that I got from the Internet. Actually I erased some because there are some really mean ones.
Redneck -
Rustic - an unsophisticated country person

I want to first express my LOVE for some of these people. Because I don't want you to think that I am judging them at ALL.

OK so back in January Bryce's BESTEST cousin ever, Mary Beth. Took the day off on Friday to give me and my Love some time together. Her and her Sweet, Amazing, Charming, and Loving, hubby took all four of our children. I repeat ALL FOUR OF OUR CHILDREN, for the entire weekend. We had so much fun just hanging out and being together. This is what we did:
1. Worked by handing out flyer's for Bryce's business
2. Went to dinner and had some drinks( not just soda)
3. Went to the Carrel's to play games, eat dessert, and talk, talk oh and TALK.
4. Slept in...........
5. Had fun:0 :) :0
6. Went to help cut up a cow
7. Slept in..........
8. Went to Church
9. Met friends for lunch
10.Made dinner for Mary Beth and her hubby

You wanted all those things listed right?
Well I would explain them all, but this is a G rated sight so I choose lucky # 6 to elaborate on.

See Bryce was working with a guy we will call Joe, Joe's dad came by and asked them to help with a cow. Bryce said sure. Not knowing what he was agreeing to. He helped them kill a cow that had broken his leg. Then they took the cow to start processing him. Oh my! They hung him up by his back legs and did things to him that no lady should hear about. Well Bryce decided he was going out there for an hour or so and asked me to join him. Since it was our weekend together I went for photo opportunities. Boy did I get them. You will see. This was all done in and old slaughter building and they made me WORK. I was just there for pictures. I am a city girl. I don't want to touch that, but when you are around Redneck, country boys well you just work. So there you go. See this nmay not be the way some would choose to spend time together, but WE had FUN. So. Enjoy:)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

College Student

I never claimed to be a photographer, so if these pictures are not very good well this is my disclaimer. I am so so stinking proud of myself for taking them, uploading and showing them to you all by MYSELF. See up to this point Bryce has always been the computer person around here. But watch out I am taking a computer class. I am learning things that are so incredibly cool. I am sure some if you are like big deal so what. I can do those things with my eyes shut. Well for this getting old girl, it's all so new to me and I am enjoying learning. I am now a college student. I have been out of school now for about 15 years. I said about. So let me let you all in on where this blogger fool has been. I have been READING, STUDYING, GOING TO CLASS, and EVEN STUDYING WITH A FRIEND. (No the friend is not some hunk that is 22, she is a 44 year old lady that I met when we first moved here.) I am a college student. I have to keep repeating it to myself so I believe it. I am in nursing courses for all of you who wonder, with the final step of becoming a midwife someday. I could change it. I wanted to be an AG specialist a few weeks ago. I was learning all kinds of things for my garden and got excited. I have been a wife and mother for so long that I forgot there was a world out there. That long ago I wanted to be a part of. I am not announcing anything so stop wondering. I LOVE being a stay at home mother. I plan an doing this till I can't anymore. BUT I also want to learn more. So I am taking classes slowly. I plan on this taking me a while. I don't want to go get all Edumacated and then leave my childers with someone else. But one day my kids will be gone and I can't KNIT so I might as well learn how to help bring babies into this world huh? Any way I just wanted to give you a window into what is going on with me and my STUDIES:)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ramblings, Routines, and Ruckus

OK I am SO sorry that I led you all on for Thursday. I had full intentions if keeping to my word. But you see there is this crazy thing I am involved in called life. And sometimes well it gets the best of me. We have been so terribly busy. Things going on, we had a weekend to our selves, I started school,(after 14 years being out), I teach a cooking class, Bryce is working a little, We got a new puppy,the boys entered an art contest, my good friend Shipra just had her first GIRL:) and My LOVE will be turning 10, I am an addict to Pioneer Woman, and I still HAVE to do laundry! . See that is the rambling part just for you. So now for the routines... I would like us to be on a better routine so thus the limited computer time. I am really trying hard to use our school room. I will blog about that soon, but it's not decorated the way I want so that is why I am making you all wait. And ruckus well, we have 4 children, 1 cow, and now 2 dogs. We were driving by and I saw the puppies. We asked Bryce if we could all see them. He said sure. And we all fell in Love. But drove away. I had a pouty lip. Bryce forgot something at Lowe's and when he drove back he decided why not. So we are now the proud owners of Jesse. And Lexy is trying hard not to like him. But then she plays with him. Now to potty train. Maybe if Lucy sees him go a lot then she will be easy. At least that was our plan for spring. What is happening to me? I was the NEVER an animal in the house kind of girl. But watch out you might fall in LOVE too......And right now I should be reading or studying, but it is so hard.

I will blog again soon about our weekend together and share our version of Redneck meat. Wow it's amazing the people in this lovely world!