Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Redneck MEAT East Texas Version

Not to be mixed up with the Robinson Illinois Version.
This is the definition that I got from the Internet. Actually I erased some because there are some really mean ones.
Redneck -
Rustic - an unsophisticated country person

I want to first express my LOVE for some of these people. Because I don't want you to think that I am judging them at ALL.

OK so back in January Bryce's BESTEST cousin ever, Mary Beth. Took the day off on Friday to give me and my Love some time together. Her and her Sweet, Amazing, Charming, and Loving, hubby took all four of our children. I repeat ALL FOUR OF OUR CHILDREN, for the entire weekend. We had so much fun just hanging out and being together. This is what we did:
1. Worked by handing out flyer's for Bryce's business
2. Went to dinner and had some drinks( not just soda)
3. Went to the Carrel's to play games, eat dessert, and talk, talk oh and TALK.
4. Slept in...........
5. Had fun:0 :) :0
6. Went to help cut up a cow
7. Slept in..........
8. Went to Church
9. Met friends for lunch
10.Made dinner for Mary Beth and her hubby

You wanted all those things listed right?
Well I would explain them all, but this is a G rated sight so I choose lucky # 6 to elaborate on.

See Bryce was working with a guy we will call Joe, Joe's dad came by and asked them to help with a cow. Bryce said sure. Not knowing what he was agreeing to. He helped them kill a cow that had broken his leg. Then they took the cow to start processing him. Oh my! They hung him up by his back legs and did things to him that no lady should hear about. Well Bryce decided he was going out there for an hour or so and asked me to join him. Since it was our weekend together I went for photo opportunities. Boy did I get them. You will see. This was all done in and old slaughter building and they made me WORK. I was just there for pictures. I am a city girl. I don't want to touch that, but when you are around Redneck, country boys well you just work. So there you go. See this nmay not be the way some would choose to spend time together, but WE had FUN. So. Enjoy:)


Mary Beth said...

Vicki! That is so stinking hilarious! Thank you for those sweet compliments! I know I am going to sound "redneck", but I think it is just crazy that you have never seen a cow slaughtered before! It is an amazing process (obviously). Dusty and I do that to the deer he kills. Lately we have been lazy and taken it to the butcher, though! I think that you DEFINATELY need to come spend a weekend with us! We will have to show you some "redneck" stuff!

The Keilers said...

You just lost all of your "Dallas". But that's okay, I still think you're cool ;).

Shipra Panosian said...

no thank-you!
That's all I would have said and then I'd have gone home and made myself a nice GREEN veggie sandwich. Ugh!