Thursday, February 19, 2009

I guess I'm an Official Blogger

Because I am going to do my First Giveaway

RULES: You have to answer my question, by leaving a comment.
Contest Ends: In a week

OK so what can I do that I LOVE?
I will make dinner for you and your family or guest. I will make sure you are fed and have FUN!!

Choose your meal.

If you have kids, and want to just be an adult thing.... I will arrange child care. So is it tempting? Leave a comment and we will see who wins!
We will have a great night...

What makes YOU happy:)????


Life on The Rowland Ranch said...

What makes me happy? Vicki's homemade cooking!!! :)

mommy4 said...

The Millers!! Seriously!! I miss you guys so much, and I'm sure Avery and Tanner would be the best of friends. Not to mention I think Collin has a mini crush on Lexy. And your Owen, well Isaac will warm up to him one day. Oh, and that Lucy Lu! Ella just loves "watching out for her", more like bossing her around.

Maralee said...

Who makes me happy? YOU make me happy!!I love your fun personality. My hubby makes me happy. He keeps me sane, he loves me for who I am, and he is very patient! My kids make me happy, they are the reason for everything I do. My family makes me happy, I am proud to call them my own, and I really miss them! Last but not least I have to thank my hot cup of coffee on a cold morning. OOps I've been watching to many awards shows!

Melissa said...

God's LOVE makes me happy!
Make that, it makes me want to JUMP FOR JOY!!!!!!!! The fact that He is so true, faithful, and loving, tickles me like nothing else could......and that's my source of LASTING HAPPINESS (JOY).
And, HE has brought all of the other happiness into my life that is my family, true friends, and the ability to do creative things!

Jody said...

If I win, you have to come to IL to make my dinner! I'm gonna think long and hard about my answer. ..

Ginger said...

The little things my kids do or say that let me know God has His hand on their hearts. Oh man, that really brings me a lot of joy.

Shala said...

I know the winning answer but don't know if I can say that here!!! LOL Sex!

Shipra Panosian said...

HA! Love this, and bummed I missed it. Where was I???? Oh yes, I forgot....NURSING!

Al Malekovic said...

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