Saturday, June 26, 2010

Family photo shoot

So I have been wanting to take family pictures for a long time. I even have a good enough camera to take them with. But never have. So I asked a friend that is starting up a photography side job if she would tackle a family of six. She agreed we put the date on the calendar. On here are some of the results. I am so happy with these pics. Bryce was her assistant and would place everyone. Of course some of the best ones are the candid shots. I am just so excited that we have family pics. Now to print and hang them. Hope you enjoy our family photo shoot. For information on our photographer please go here:

We got kicked off the train tracks...giggle giggle:)

Just a little sunny.

Love birds for SURE!

I LOVE these kids so much!!


A friend said" Miller Monkey's" and I think that is the best title for this pic. Don't you?

Owen isn't feeling the LOVE.

Trying real hard here.....

Yep we think we're cool....Oh wait...WE ARE COOL!!!

Fun with NANA:)

Hello there are 6 of us.

Can you handle it? Because I can't...I LOVE THIS PIC!!!!

Lucy and her favorite, most wonderful daddy EVER....Well that's what she says!

What can I say? Oh not much, except that I LOVE this girl with all my heart!

My LOVE he is growing up way too fast, and I remember him being my only baby. Where did the time go?

My Honey Sugar. Ok his name is OWEN!!

Tanner is such a MANLY MAN that he likes flowers.

I am such a blessed wife and mother. God has given me such a gift in Bryce and each one of my kids. Sure hope you have enjoyed seeing some of our family pics.



Mrs T said...

you are looking so good after all the work outs you are posting on FB! love the photos too

Life on The Rowland Ranch said...

Love the pix!!!!

Amber Joy said...

These are wonderful pictures! What a treasure for your family!

Jody said...

Vicki!! Lookin' GOOD, girlfriend!!! And all those other folks look good, too. :) Family photos are hard to capture well...I think your photog did a good job!

Vicki said...

Vicki, what a beautiful family. These pictures really show how happy your family is. What a blessing. Vicki P.

Ginger said...

First thing I noticed about those pics-- DANG, Vicki, you're skinny!! You look fantastic!
And I love the family pics too. What a good looking family you have!

Vicki said...

Thanks everyoe for your sweet comments. I do love the pics. Jody and Ginger thanks for noticing the weight loss. Although the numbers are not high the changes sure are. My shirt is a medium:)) I was in a large and XL:(

Edward and Gretchen said...

Not that you asked but my favorites are third and sixth picture from top and the individual of Lucy and Colin. You must enlarge and frame #3, of you and Bryce. What a fantastic shot, location, lighting, and of course the couple.

Great pics!


Crystal said...

Vicki you're lookin great!

Tes said...

Beautiful pictures!
Thanks for sharing,