Monday, January 11, 2010

Happenings in South Texas

We left our home sweet home Jan. second. Bryce had work waiting for him. Instead of going at it alone he said "Please, Please come with me Love of my life. How will I breathe without you? " Well OK maybe I stretched that a tiny bit, but it sure is close. So we packed up all our stuff. Which included tools, school things, dog & dog things, and of course my very own pillows. I must have My pillows anywhere I go. It's a habit I don't want help overcoming. Anyhow we set out on our 500 mile journey. We drove into Mathis Texas at 5:30 pm. Just in time to meet for Mexican food. But where? We seriously have choices. It's a small town with a Mexican joint on each corner. But it's real Mexican, real cheap, and especially real good. Then we got to my in laws. This is our camp out, and Bryce's place of employment. So with no kitchen, and only being able to use 1 appliance at a time. By appliances I mean toaster, microwave which we have not used for 6 years, toaster oven, electric skillet, and crock pot. We set off on this cooking adventure. We have actually eaten pretty good for not having a kitchen. I mean is there anything wrong with making your dinner in the laundry room? And using the laundry room sink as your dish washing station, with a towel on the washer, and dish drain. Now on to the Fun stuff. We have hung out with cousins, which almost can't be topped. Watched a couple....OK like 25 movies. Had apple pie at 9pm(usual bedtime) with Papaw. Eaten breakfast, lunch, and dinner out more times than we are used too. Things are going really well. I personally have been able to pick up some of my favorite kind of books about Amish life. I am currently reading Daughter's of Lancaster. By the time this day is over I will have read 890 pages of pure bliss. I am just loving being here. Our schooling is just an incredible set up. The big boys and I are in the church library. The littles stay in a room with Nana toys, blocks, movies, and snacks. I could get really used to this. Maybe we should leave tomorrow before I do get too used to it. It has also been so sweet to see the kids run to their Papaw each night and give plenty of kisses. The boys have gone on a arrowhead hunting adventure. Gone to the movie and Arcade. I'm wondering how many tears will be shed when we do leave. And the weather has been crazy. This is the place I was raised, and remember Christmas's with the AC going and shorts. And so naturally I brought flip flops. Well we had to make a sock run, because baby it's cold down here.


shipra said...

hehe, I have my 'pillows' too and doom on anyone who dares part me from them :)
So glad that you were able to go be with Bryce as a famiy and get so much productive work done. I'm sure he couldn't have survived without the Love-of-his-live!

YOur food adventure sounds fun. Especially the late-night apple-pie part.

Crystal said...

How precious. What sweet memories you are making right now. These are the times that your kiddos will talk about when they're older.

And btw, your children are so handsome!

devotedmomof7 said...

I missed this post somehow! You do such a great job of inviting us to experience your adventures with you. Hope you had a great time. Love you, Vicki!