Monday, November 30, 2009

Do you know what tomorrow is????

Some answers may include: It's the first day of December, some may say oh no, I have to shop, some may say it's just a Tuesday. Well let me tell you the truth. Tomorrow is Tuesday, December 1, 2009. And yes you only have 23 shopping days left. BUT tomorrow is also the day that I get to meet and hug, and take a picture with Ree Drummond. She is I have followed her blog for over 2 years now, and what can I say but I LOVE HER dearly. She is like a long lost friend. Her blog is incredible. She is funny, witty, corky, beautiful inside and out. She loves to cook and loves her family. What is better that that in this world?? Please if you have been living under a rock and not had the opportunity to visit her blog then do so TODAY!! I am like a giddy kid, waiting for Christmas morning. Can not wait to show you all her picture from my very own camera:)))

Sorry about this picture, but that's how I feel!!


Jody said...

Girl! You and Ree are gonna be new BFF!! I bet she starts righting articles about you and that old Hyacinth will be right out the window! Have fun!

Amber Joy said...

Can't wait to see your pics! Did you get any of Ruby?
I had sooo much fun with you all last night. Thanks for standing in line with us! You made our day.
Glad you made it home safely in the rain and SNOW last night!