Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ree Drummond AKA Pioneer Woman

So most of you are aware of my mild obsession with . Some of you are not so let me let you in. I found this small blog about 2 1/2 years ago while searching for a recipe. I was instantly hooked. She shows pictures of every step. I had never seen this before. Instantly I was in love with the concept. Then I started to look at other stuff, and read Black Heels. It was all over from there. She had me hook, line, and sinker. Back then she would have just snippets of her love story. I would cry at my computer, laugh out loud literally, and smile. I was so impressed by this woman's writing skills. She can draw you in on the first line. She told us of how she met MM short for Marlboro Man (what she calls her hubby). In a smoky bar as she was getting ready to move to California. Anyway he made her heart stop, and then she found herself married and living in the middle of no where Oklahoma. It is so much better than that so grab a nice drink and sit and read it for yourself. My point is she is my friend. She was not aware of it till last night when I met her. But I call her friend:)) So fast forward a while she now has 4 kids, but I don't think she is done. The response has been so big that she wrote a cookbook. Then went for a small book signing tour that has become out of this world. They have had to add places and all the places get packed out. Well last night it ws my honor to finally meet my new friend. And it was all I thought it would be and more. Judy, Lexy and I had the time of our lives. We met the most amazing people in line and friends for a lifetime:) I felt like I was at a HUGE family reunion. Where everyone liked each other. And I got to hold sweet Ruby, I will get a pic of her soon. She was the happiest, girl there. And she did not even know who PW was. So here is a preview of my night. Thanks to my hubby for getting me the book and keeping all the kids so I could go out:))

These are her girls. They were the most amazing home school girls ever. They even talked to people. So for those of you out there worrying about socialization. STOP!!

Matheo and Teresa MM's cousin and his Beautiful wife. They were just precious. I am making them some home made chips, salsa, and tortillas sooon:)

The first time I get this close to her:))) And that is my new Friend in the corner. She had her daughter with her, and is due in 50 days. We had fun together! Hi Andra and Sadee.

Yep she's my new BFF:))

That's her oldest and she is 12. And 4 feet taller than me. What is going on with my gut? I have no idea but I am happy!!

Her youngest girl. Sweet Sweet thing:))

I did not steal this sign, I repeat I DID NOT STEAL THIS SIGN. I asked and the guy gave it to me:))

Judy and Lexy sporting our sign.

Crazy Mexicans. Judy said she was going to tell PW "We are Mexicans and we come in Peace:))"


OK so if you made it to the end of this post you are in Luck. I am doing a giveaway. All you have to do is answer this question. " What is your most favorite memory of all time?"


1. PW shirt it is cool......
2. My autograph...ha ha ha
3. The GRAND prize dinner prepared by me from PW's book. You pick the menu (has to be from her book).

Winner's will be picked randomly on Saturday December 5th 2009.


Vicki said...

DISCLAIMER: In order to win the meal I must be able to drive to your home and back to mine in the same day:)))

His Honeybee said...

Gosh! That is a hard narrow it down to one, but I'll give it a go.....

The day that I became a was a day that I will cherish and hold in my heart forever. It started when I headed to the hospital (a bit on the panicked side) because I hadn't felt my baby move and it was TWO WEEKS, exactly, before his due date. I called my friend, that was six weeks behind me in her pregnancy to see if she could give me a ride to the hospital. She came right over and off we went.
We both waddled in to the hospital to see if Nicky (my first-born) was okay. The nurse asked in disbelief, "Both of YOU?????!" It was so funny....she thought that we were both in labor. Fast forward, to 4:38 that afternoon, and I was holding my new little bundle of love.

Andra said...

Hey Lady! Boy, that was fast! I enjoy your blog, too! You are a cutie! I hope you made it home safe. Sadee and I ended up staying with my mom. Wasn't Ree great? I was such a dork once I got up there. When she was propping Sadee up, I almost said, "Sadee! You're being held up by the Pioneer Woman! We're never washing those pants!" But I decided that would really freak us ALL out. So be grateful.

I will tell you about my most memorable day, but since I already have a shirt and I don't think I am close enough for you to come to my house, I will just enter for the autograph :)

My most memorable day would have to be the day we told my parents we were pregnant with Sadee. Here's the story

Amber Joy said...

Yay! You posted it! And yay, I have Andra now too!

My fave memory?... That is tough!
Let's see... maybe the day my (future) husband finally told me he liked me and held my hand the first time. I get all giggly again just thinking about it. I had a huge crush on him for FIVE years! And I finally GOT HIM!
And I'm keeping him forever!

Jody said...

Driving to IL with You in 2002!!! That was the roadtrip of a lifetime! Including suckers at 3:00 AM and getting stuck in a blizzard!

Oh, btw, I'm boycotting PW, because she did not post about meeting you. And if I had met you and you brought me chips and salsa, I would have TOTALLY blogged about it!

Lisa S. said...

I think that maybe you cannot commute to NW Illinois. That's OK - We'll be in Texas next May with our horses. We can potluck dinner!
My favorite memory,right now is the wonder of some crab cakes I ate last week. Gotta go back to that restaurant. Glad you had fun w/ PW. I like her cookbook too.

Amber Joy said...

Did you see me today on PW?!

Amber Joy said...

ha ha! You're so funny! You DO have our autographs! And all other 700 people at Borders that night! ;)