Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's all about the 80's

Can you tell what kind of party we had? Well you see I am the MNO(Mom's Night Out) coordinator for our home school group. And we like to have fun, like totally! Shala a friend of mine wanted to host this event. And it totally rocked, it was awesome, rad, narly, and sweeeet. We had 12 moms show up in their outfits. We played air guitar, had 80's trivia, and had a dance off. The night was filled with so much hairspray(aqua net), fun, laughter, food, and, prizes. We all vary in age from 20's they were babies in the 80's to not so 20. Our group is amazing. Hope you enjoy some pics, and may some of them bring back fond memories.

Oh talk about memories. ATARI rocks and will never die!!!

Our hostess with the mostest. Shala:0

What I am doing here? Sorry to even show this picture but it's my inspiration to get off my butt!!!

Jody, meet Jenny she is our Co-op president. You could learn a lot from her. She not only can sport pink well, she can be a leader. Too cool huh?

What can I say there has to be a good one in the bunch. Thanks to Lari for being a "good girl".

Friends to the end:)) Tabitha and Cori.


Edward and Gretchen said...

Oh Vicki, you were so in your element at that event, you party girl. Looks like a fun time. One day I'll have to join one with you.

Vicki said...

Yes Gretchen it was a blast. I told you to come with me but nooooooo.

Kelly said...

Love the new pictures!!! AWESOME pumpkin people!!!

Vicki said...

Kelly that's me and Bryce:) He got a butt job, and I got the ultimate boob job:)) JK

Shala said...

We totally rock!!!!!!!!!