Sunday, October 18, 2009

State Fair of Texas

We recently took on the Great State Fair of Texas. We had not been in 5 or 6 years. Last time we went we only had 2 kids. We now have 4 kids and going anywhere like this is a huge commitment. But we made a plan and did it. We got free tickets. So that was a bonus. I was not aware that there are so many ways to get into the fair for free. Anyhow we left at 8:30am, and headed for the Big D. We arrived right at 10 the morning and the races wee off. We walked inside and got our oooo's and aaa's over with and headed to the puppet show. It was cool, but the little girl that went up stole the show. She was the cutest, chubbiest little thing that was afraid of the puppets. But by the end of the show she was kissing and hugging them. Then we had lunch. I asked my kids what they wanted and the resounding response was "anything on a stick" Can someone give a shout out for Corny dogs, nachos, burgers, fries, chicken on a stick, and sausage on a stick? That was our yummy lunch. Then after that yummy meal we headed to the backyard circus. This guy has been doing this forever The kids are the circus, nuff said. well all my kids got called on then Owen decided to leave the stage. When he wanted to go back up the man said sorry you have to come when I call you. So instead of wanting to leave I opened up some candy. I had to get pics of my other 3 kids still in the circus. We then went to the museum, and all other kinds of shows. But our all time favorite............Well it was the bird show. Oh my it wa incredible. The way the birds came flying down from the Texas Star(Ferris wheel) it was majestic. Everything about this show was interesting, amazing, and just plain great. Abby Rowland and I were called up to take pics of the owl. He was flying right to my face. I was scared, and so excited to be up there. Then we did it. The Ferris wheel, at the highest point you are 250 feet up in the sky. I was so worried about me and Owen. But guess what? We loved it. Now Bryce, Tanner, and Lucy they were a little scared. I laughed so hard, Bryce my macho hubby was shaking, had his eyes closed, and was biting his lip. It was worth the $6.00 a person we paid just for his faces. After a day of walking eating more, and plenty of memories. We sat down for the parade, and light show. We had no idea we sat right in front of the fire. Oh boy was it hot. You will clearly but mine and Lucy's face that we enjoyed it. After the show we got in the car, and headed back home. It was truly an amazing day as a family. Enjoy the pics.


The Keilers said...

Yeah it looks like you LOVED the fire ;).

Did you see Oprah there?

Vicki said...

We had a great time. But no we did not see Oprah she came days later!!!