Monday, October 12, 2009

Oh My!!

It has been so long since I blogged I almost forgot my sign in:( So much has been happening around these neck of the woods. Gretchen updated my blog for fall but......I can't handle the flies:(( Tanner(My little bear) turned 8. We started co-op. Lucy is growing up too fast. My (honey sugar, mama's baby) Owen will be 5 in no time. And Colin sleeps like a teenager. We no longer have livestock. The cow has been in my freezer for a month now, and we pick up the pig in the next couple days. Some of you may think this is gross but, the cow is Delicious!! Hopefully the pig will be the same. We will be using some of him to do our annual make tamales as a family tradition. The kids are doing Fabulous at home school. Mom is sticking to her do what we can routine. And surprisingly we are getting more done than ever before when I had the plans all written out! We just went to the great State Fair of Texas. And it was the most fun we have had as a family in a long time. You no trips usually get some one all wound up (like me). You work so hard to do something fun then you get annoyed at any little thing? Well that did not happen we just loved and enjoyed each other. Longer post with pics later:) I am doing well emotionally, still seeing my counselor. I have my I really want Henry days but I can still live too. Big accomplishment as just 6 weeks ago I wanted to hide in a cave. Bryce is getting work. Things have been interesting this year, but God never lets us down. We are just Thankful that the Lord loves us, and wants to see us grow. Sure hope all is well for you! Be encouraged, and of Good cheer. Promise not to let it be so long next time.


Life on The Rowland Ranch said...

Sure do love you, Vicki Miller! It was so much fun hanging out with your precious family at the State Fair. :)

mommy4 said...

OK, black background hurts my eyes! I have this thing about flies- I MUST KILL THEM ALL! So they bother me too! anyhoo, you got to go to the fair and hang out with the Rowlands? You lucky gal!! I miss you guys and we have to get out to see you guys soon! But I am so glad to talk to you often.

Ginger said...

Love and miss you very much, Vicki. So good to read more on your blog! :)