Thursday, May 28, 2009

Feeling G-R-E-A-T

OK so I am expecting #5. And frankly expected to feel absolutely miserable, tired, cranky, overwhelmed, and mean. I am not any of those things at the same time. Have I been mean? Why yes I have. But not at the same time I have been tired. Does that count??? I have been a little overwhelmed.... with what my weight will turn out to be.....of all things. Yes I am aware that is selfish, and so vain. Which normally that does NOT run through my body. I mean I will go to the local store in pj pants with no shame. But to think that I could be large marge, Brick house well that is daunting:(( So I am walking I am walking 2 miles a day right now with the hopes of getting up to 3 a day. And for my crankiness, I am going to bed extremely early even for me, and taking a nap FOR SURE!! So see I am being proactive. I feel really good these last few days, I have energy, and I am still cooking and doing laundry for my family. My hubby is sure thankful that I can still pull it all off. But I have been given the green light, to let it all go if I need too. Just wanted to give an update on the Miller's. We are well, we are better than well we are GREAT. I feel like serving you all frosted flakes now:))


Ginger said...

Gag! Frosted flakes!? lol
I'm so glad you're doing well! That's awesome, Vicki!

Crystal said...

So good you don't have the nausea bug. Many of my friends endure that for the first two months...ick!

And yes, ahem, I prefer Shredded Wheat ;)~.