Monday, May 11, 2009 going to be??

Well it's the day after Mother's day and yes I was spoiled. I did not have to much of anything yesterday. I am so thankful for that. Because today.....well today is a different story. Today, I will do laundry. Today I will do dishes. Today I will tend to the trash. Today I will make lists of things that need to get done. Today I will teach my kids school. Today I will clean out some room. Today I will balance my check book(scary). Today I will choose to be THANKFUL for yesterday. Have a great day!

Oh and tell me what you got for mother's day.

I got a rose bush, card, and lots of pampering:))


The Keilers said...

Isn't it sad that mothers officially get only "one" day off? ;)~.

Ginger said...

Sad?? It's a blessing! My little ones are blessings, not burdens. :)
I got 3 hand-painted flower pots and more than a dozen homemade cards. I love those cards!!

Mary Beth said...

Well, I am not a mother yet, so I didn't get anything. :) BUT, I cooked lunch for my mother and Dusty's grandmother and gave them both two coupons for a full day of doing whatever they want me to do. They loved it! I am scared. Grandma called and said that she was walking around the house looking for stuff for us to do. Ha!

His Honeybee said...

This Mother's Day weekend was extra special, as I was able to go to a Motherless Daughter's Luncheon! It was beautiful to be able to honor my mom's memory in this special way, and then on Sunday, my honey bunches of oats, gave me a heart full of sumptious chocolate covered strawberries! And, he cooked meat on the was a DELICIOUS weekend, all the way around! And, yes, Ginger, those CARDS hand-made with LOVE are the BEST CARDS OUT THERE!!!!!!!:D