Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tis Terrific that TANNER Turns Ten TODAY!!!!!!

Today My Sweet Tanner Turns T………E………N.

My second son. Tanner Bryce Miller . I just can’t believe it. Where has the time gone? He was just my sweet little bear. He got this name because he slept….all……. day……….. long. We said he was a hibernating bear. He was such an easy baby. He had the rest of my heart the moment I laid eyes on him.

Here are the top TEN reasons why I LOVE TANNER :

1. He loves deeply
2. He is so cuddly especially at night
3. He thinks outside the box
4. He is my biggest food critic 
5. He is his Mama’s Bear
6. He loves to be with me in the kitchen
7. He is very easy going
8. He’s smart
9. He loves history ……all history…even mine!!
10. He’s easy to talk too
This list could continue to the moon and back. But in keeping with the ten theme I will stop there. I am sorry about the pictures being all out of sorts. Something is going on with my blog……But this is a day to celebrate not fix things….So this is what we are doing today.

Wake up: with horns to a decorated kitchen and chorizo and egg tacos (yes homemade tortillas) Remember he is my foodie
Outside play time
Lunch: cheese quesadillas
Park time
Dinner : homemade fried chicken ,potatoes, rolls, salad and broccoli.
Then it’s SCAVENGER HUNT TIME He has 10 clues to find his 10 gifts…..It’s gonna be fun. After presents we will have the ice cream candy cake we started making on Sunday. I am going to enjoy my Son all day today.

This is the Scripture I read over him this morning….Jeremiah 29:11
11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


Ginger said...

Chloe turned 10 last month too. Hard to believe! I have four kids in the double digits- man I must be old!
Oh and I love that Tanner is reading a Thornton Burgess book; we just love those!
Happy birthday to Tanner!

Vicki said...

Ginger 4 in double digits....WOW. We are both OLD :) It happens to the best of us. He has like 15 of those Thorton Burgess books....we all love them :) Thanks for the birthday wish. We really had a great day...the entire day was Awsome :)

Crystal Keilers said...

I saw this in my reader and I had to hop over and comment. I remember Tanner as a little guy, who didn't even speak in complete sentences...he just followed Collin around everywhere. I babysat them one morning when you went with Jill somewhere. Anyway. This makes "me" feel old ;).

And I love how special you make your kids feel on their birthdays....I am definitely making mental notes. You're a good mama.