Saturday, September 17, 2011

This week............

So since I am banned from facebook for a month, texting for a week and a limit of 2 hours on computer and cell phone per day...........let's just say I am getting reacquainted with my kids. And my house.....Well it's Always CLEAN :) But this has been a week and a half to put in the ready??

Ready or not here I go!!

Last week I purged my home of things we did not need. I gave the boys a basket with their names on it and told them what they could fit in the basket they could keep everything else was to be sold or donated. I am tired of things. I say this often and when I purge.....well I PURGE :)
So Saturday Victoria Smith and I had a garage sale. We did Ok. It was fun to hang out with my neighbor!

Sunday Bryce had to go to work. So the kids and I went to home group and visited till the neighbor called to say our cow was out A--G--A--I--N. Thankfully the neighbors yes neighbors got him back in the yard. The kids and I came home and got him back to the pasture/land we have.

Monday was a a typical get back into school mode. We had a great day.....
And in all this I am having to hand wash all my dishes....because you see our dishwasher broke and they were not scheduled to come till Thursday.

Tuesday...I skipped working out at 5 am because Lucy and the boys all got summer colds and she didn't really fall asleep till 2:23 am. I looked at the alarm that was shceduled to go off at 4:40am and decided to turn it off! We had another day of school and lots of was nice.

Wednesday was a was pay day, bill day, grocery day, watch a friend's kid day, sit around and wait for AC repair man to show up day and life group. We got school done. Oh and our AC fixed we saved $75 on a service fee because well you see our filter was dirty. I mean DIRTY. It was on my mind just way back in the back of my mind. Then we went and enjoyed breakfast for dinner. Oh it was good. So good I am still thinking about it good :)

Thursday was skip work out day again because I was just plain tired. It's also the end of our school week....and the Blessed day my dishwasher was to be fixed. I got call at 8am stating that the guy would be at my home any time between 8 am and 5 pm. So I waited and schooled and waited and cleaned and waited...You get the picture. It finally happened at 3pm the guy shows up and it was fixed and I think I danced, or smiled, or leaped. Oh I don't remember what I did but I was overjoyed. Colin had basketball practice. The other kids and I met a friend at the park. Then we came home and had a nice family dinner in a really clean house. And that fixed dishwasher well she washed my dishes for me that night and I went to bed smiling!!

Friday was our second Mom's prayer meeting. The Lord told me to start this group over a year ago and well I just started it 2 months ago. It's the 3rd Friday of the month at my house from 10-12. I ask the mom's to pack their kids a lunch and I feed the mom's mom food:) Well the first month just my neighbor came...and this time........NO ONE. But it's ok. You see I am not doing this for any one person or 20 people. I am doing this to be faithful to what God has asked me to do. The kids were disappointed since they didn't have friends to play with. But we worshipped and had prayer time the 5 of us and it was AWESOME!!!

So after running an errand of going to the Menonite farm to get our raw Milk.......we decided to go to the fair.
We had so much fun. In fact I told the kids doesn't it feel good to have all of our chores, school and house work done so we can go play? And they all said YES:) We enjoyed homemade soda and lots of crafts and booths of stuff. I was able to get a couple people marked off my Christmas shopping list. I realized it was 2pm and we needed to head home Lucy needed and nap and I needed to start dinner we were having company.

We walked in the door and the kids had balloons. Tanner decided he was going to inhale and talk funny to us. He did inhale........ the ENTIRE balloon.....he fell over the coffee table onto the floor. I thought he was kidding and told him to get up.......The nightmare had begun. Tanner passed out and was having a full blown seisure. He was convolsing flalling around. Colin called 911 and Bryce. Owen stood over Tanner crying asking him not to die and I..... well I am a Licensed EMT, I went to EMT school I know what to do(my license is expiered). I moved all furniture away from him so he couldn't further hurt himslef. I tried as my son was turning blue and not breathing to begin cpr but then.........I froze. It didn't matter that I have the head knowledge. I was in calm mode. Then I had this overwhelmimg feeling of loss. I could be loosing my son. The one that acts like he is not interested in me during the day, but when it's night he wants to hold both of my hands and cuddle. The one who challenges me and my patience, but loves so deeply it's refreshing. Yes that boy. So after that quick I have no idea stage I went into action but really during a seisure there is nothing I could do, it had to pass and hopefully pass quickly. I sat and cried, I prayed, I waited and then he was back. I had a million questions and he said " What I just woke up. wasn't I sleeping? Why do my head, arms and legs hurt?" I held him close. Still on the phone with 911 and did what they told me. The ambulance got here checked him out and I refused transport. I knew that he would be ok but I was also committed to watching him diligently.
Bryce got home. I melted in his arms from a really emotional 30 minutes. And then the world was ok again.

Now why did I tell you all that story? Becasue you see I KNOW in my heart that that prayer meeting I had just a couple hours before know the one where no one showed up? Well I believe that prayer meeting was just for Tanner and his precious life. I believe we called on the Lord and at 2:10pm he showed up . Not that he wasn't always there. But he kept me from having to go through with those overwhelming feelings of loss I had for those brief moments.....I am so thankful I have a saviour that will never let me down. I am thankful that he hears the prayers of his children. I am thankful that he LOVES you and me. He is there waiting, ready and willing. ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS ASK...........


Anonymous said...

What a scary experience. So glad Tanner is safe. Keep those balloons away from him from now on.


kt said...

Geez! PTL your son was ok!!! What a fright to a momma's heart!

{amy} said...

Wow, Vic! Praise God for taking care of sweet Tanner!