Thursday, February 24, 2011


OK how in the world do I have a 12 year old? I am so sad, not because I desire like the world to be young...Nope. I am sad because Colin is still my baby boy. He will always be. I realize he has a desire to grow out of that, but I may not ever let him. He is my little love. In fact when ever he wakes up in the morning. Lucy announces "Mom your love is awake" I just love him so much. I cant help but think back of him being my only baby. Oh the attention he got:) And now the way he is literally my right arm. He helps me remember things, is my strong guy when dad isn't around. I am just so impressed with the amazing young man Jesus has developed. Colin is skilled at building things, and serving. This young man in the making is such a joy to be around. In honor of Colin's birthday(well every one's in the house) He does not have to do any chores today. We serve him and love him ALL DAY LONG!! He gets to pick the menu for the day.

Today it is:
Breakfast Homemade donuts
Lunch Chicken fettuccine
Dinner Fried catfish and home made fries

For his birthday celebration this year we are going to an indoor water park for the weekend....Fun times and family memories...Our favorite!!!!

We all love you so much. Dad and I are so proud of you. You are such a joy to be with. Thank you for loving Jesus.!!

Love Forever,
Dad and Mom :)


Diane said...

HB to your adorable boy! What a great menu for his special day. :O)

Amber Joy said...

What a precious boy. Congratulations and Happy birthday!

(And WHAT a menu he picked! Sounds like a few labor-intensive dishes there...)

Anonymous said...

You have a gorgeous family!

Crystal said...

12?! Am I really gonna see this precious turn "12" one day?! Say it ain't so...

I love that you call him your love =).

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday to Colin! I'm not a mother, but I know about time flying by! It seems like we're in fast foward all the time lol. I like your site :)