Thursday, April 29, 2010

Do you like Rats????

Hopefully most of you answered that with a great big fat NOOO!
Well I don't like them either.....but we have a couple of rats. Or so we did. I noticed a couple weeks ago something I had never seen here. I googled it to find out it was rat droppings. I FREAKED out. I mean FREAKED out! I got three different size and type of glue traps. A large snap trap and POISON. Then started cleaning everything. We are pretty clean people so what was the deal? Well last week while cleaning out my laundry room. With a TRUE friend. We OK OK she found baby rats. They were not days old. So I ran around my kitchen screaming and jumping on things. Really I did, and I am OK with it. I HATE rodents.. So Colin gets the little glue traps and gets the babies on there. Lucy says "Mom their heart is breaking" But so was mine. I mean a rat. I am so FREAKED out. Anyhow that was on a Thursday. Friday night hubby gets home and I ask, plead, and beg him to do something. He says he will stay up all night. I woke up to potty and he was a sleep. I turned on light and there it was. I RAN AND SCREAMED. Waking children up out of a deep sleep. Bryce jumps up grabs the pellet gun, but it's to late the rat is gone. I GET MAD. Like really irritated and FREAKED out. Anyhow Sunday morning I wake up to a rat on the trap. I did the happy dance. Cleaned my whole house and even face booked about my wonderful day ahead. We did have a great day. Then Tuesday night Colin and I stayed up to watch Napoleon Dynamite. He was going to the bathroom. He came running. "Mom I just kicked another rat" WHAT?? So we get the gun, broom and courage. We run to the bathroom. I seal off the door with a towel. This guy is going to DIE. Well as Colin is cocking the gun. The rat starts to run toward me and the door. I jump like really jump. Into the tub. I am wearing crocs and the tub is WET. Can you picture it? Me jumping with cros in a wet bathtub? Well if you see me falling you are right. I fall on my right side and really am in pain. But I am safe from the jumping rat. OK I am FREAKING out Colin and I are in my bathroom with a CRAZY rat. Plus I am in Pain. Well the rat got away. I got a broken toe and memories I don't want. That night I cried all night long. I was in more pain that ever before. Tanner helped me every time I had to go to the bathroom. I crawled and wept. Well this morning guess what? Yep we caught another rat. Hopefully this is it. But if not I got the trap set, and a pest guy coming. Sure hope you get a good giggle from my misery. Love you friends:))



His Honeybee said...

I am so proud of your courage!!!! You have become a brave rat killer that should NOT be reckoned with! I would help you again tomorrow if you needed me....more priceless memories of our wonderful friendship! I love you, Vicki Miller, RK (that stands for Rat know like your 'important initials' like RN, MD, DVM.....) are now RK!!!!

My 3 Sons said...

Hi Vicki,
Found your blog through my mom's facebook. You have a beautiful family! It is so good to see you on here and reconnect. Stay in touch.

Karie Pollard Wimberly

Amber Joy said...

I snickered a little, but you POOR THING!!! RATS?!!! YUCK-ITY-YUCK-YUCK-YUCK!!!!

You are such a strong woman!

Ginger said...

We had a rat in our garage not too long ago. Kyle put out a trap w/ pb on it. Caught, but didn't kill the rat. YUCK! So, he stuck it in a bucket (still in the trap) and put poison in the bucket. A few DAYS later, dead rat. Good grief, that took forever. Now, we have some kind of scurrying creature in our wall. Oh my!

Chuck said...

So Ginger, you let an injured animal suffer for a few days instead of putting it out of its misery?

If you have to kill rats, fine, but don't torture them. That is unnecessary and mean.

Ginger said...

Yes, I did, Chuck. :D (And by "I", I mean anyone who was willing to go near the rat, none of which were me.)

Chuck said...

Well, that was very cruel and they did the wrong thing. It is wanton animal cruelty, nothing more.

Ginger said...

Okey dokey.