Monday, July 27, 2009

Too many Turtles..........

Have I told you all about our turtle phase. It was glorious. We had 6 of them. The boys were playing in the land, and every time they crossed a path they found a turtle. They named them: Katrina, Big foot, Mystery, Rosie, Tiger, and Fireball. They were so cute. A little exotic, and fun. I made them a pen. You see I am trying to be a real country girl. I HATE cats, my dogs drive me crazy, and I can't hold the cow or pig, nor do I want too. So these little guys they were my way of being a little edgy, on the wild side. But it didn't last very long. Hubby was not very happy that we had these guys stuck in a cage. So we begged, pleaded, tried to make deals(good ones). And still the answer was no. But we had fun while it lasted here are some memories of my wild days. But first no that we enjoyed these guys, and gals tremendously. We made fun baths for them, we let them walk all around the house and even played hide and seek with them:))

Here Owen is in the pen I made, not too bad huh?

The memories not only of the turtles, but also my kids with hair. Lucy has since cut it twice and is trying to not look like a boy anymore, and Owen has a summer do.

Wow turtles for cheeks.

And these little guys, are FAST. Who said turtles were slow?? I would like to talk to them.


Mary Beth said...

How did you know which ones were girls and which ones were boys??? hahahah!

Vicki said...

By their eyes Mary Beth:))