Friday, July 10, 2009

No T. V.

We are addicted to the television. And have come so far away from our vision. I have this love hate relationship with the tube. So we are starting a new chapter in the life of the Miller Clan. We have turned it off. Can you believe that? I could not be happier. Do I miss the occasional sit down and do nothing? Why of course. But we are not disciplined enough to watch it for just a little. Our little turns into hours of wasted time. We have so many house projects that need to be done, including finding a place to put this baby come January. And well my kids .......get this they are getting along so much better. They are creative, sharing, and enjoying each other. I like this way so much better than the self absorbed children they were becoming. So put us down as weird homes schoolers I really don't care. I will take weird with relationships, and LOVE. Than selfish brats:) Sorry did not mean to get on a soap box, but it happens. So what can you do to make your family life, and home more pleasant? Consider this a CHALLENGE:))


Ginger said...

We got rid of our tv service some months ago. It's been great! We have Netflix now & have been able to watch a lot of great Christian films and documentaries, but only about twice a week. It's been great for our marriage & our family. And I think our kids are smarter. ;)

Shipra Panosian said...

Good for you, Millers. We're so far from where I want to be with this in our own family :(
I'm with you Wierdos!