Saturday, January 3, 2009


As we start this new year. We all have goals, dreams, ambitions, and still some new years resolutions. I think back to September 23, 2008. And the changes that were occurring that we did not fully understand. You see here we are as a home school group, cleaning up a members land. We just wanted to bless this family whose, Mom, Wife, and daughter was very ill. Not realizing that 2 days later she would be with her maker. She fought cancer, and in the end lost the battle. But you see she really didn't loose. She is with the one we want to be with. She is rejoicing and singing, and maybe even dancing. So as we think about change in our own lives, I go back to this summer day, and think wow what a change this family has had to endure. It makes me thankful, thankful for each new day. We are not promised tomorrow. So live TODAY. Be Happy, Forgive, Laugh, Dance, Sing, and choose JOY. It is a choice. Meet a neighbor, get out of your comfort zone, go to a nursing home, challenge yourself to give more. You will be HAPPIER. If you don't believe me then try it. So if you have a moment remember the Kerby family. Pray that God would protect their hearts,and mind son this new journey.


Melissa said...

Good post, Vic!

Love, Melissa

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CCJones81 said...

My heart still goes out to the Kerby's. We all just go through life forgetting, but for them, they will never forget...I miss Marcie with everything inside of me and I know sweet Jesus is taking care of her now. Thanks for reminding me.