Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 in Pictures

Crazy I should start the post off with a picture of our CRAZY dog. She is bipolar but WE love her. She is the best alarm we could have ever gotten, and besides she is fierce. I never thought I would have had an inside dog. But weekly baths and Calvin Klein romance makes her smell great.

This was Colin's 9Th Pirate birthday party. We had such a wonderful time. There was a treasure map with clues and then they found the loot. This was the coolest cake ever made by me and my love. Click on the picture to see it bigger it really is something. If I do say so myself. PLEASE don't remind me that my baby boy will be 10 soon. It's just too much for this mother to handle.

Here is uno, he was one of 4 cows we had.....but he is still uno. I wont tell you today about all the cow drama we had. Just trust me it was drama. We are raising him for our own meat. The boys have renamed him to brisket. Maybe if we keep renaming him then it wont be so bad.

This is me and my one true LOVE. We have literally grown up together. And even all the hardships I would not take back for a minute. I love this man with all my heart and am so terribly blessed that he LOVES me too.

What can I say? Lucy Lou, Lucy Goosy, Goosy Girl, Most Beautiful, My one and only, Juicy Lucy. Those are just a few names we call her. But most of all LOVE. NEVER did I think that a little girl would bring so much joy. God knew when I needed the Princess in my life. And can I just say "THANK YOU JESUS FOR PINK!!!"

Sugar Honey, enjoying the pool at our fun place Pine Cove. Not sure if we will be able to do this again this year. But we are so thankful for all the Amazing memories our family has gotten to share. Pine Cove will always and forever hold a special place in all of our hearts. Nothing can compare!!

We had an amazing garden last year. Only to be better in the next few months. We got to enjoy fresh, juicy tomatoes till the first week in November. Plus peppers, jalapenos, onions, and fresh herbs.

This is Tanner surrounded by his favorite people, family. He celebrated turning seven with all his cousins. It was his best party ever.

Do we trick or treat? Not before last year. We enjoyed 2 different church parties then went to 4 houses for candy. We had fun, food, and fellowship. We even got to go on a hay ride.

We stayed home for Thanksgiving and had great friends over to celebrate with us. The kids played bingo and wrote on leaves what they were THANKFUL for. This was our Home made from scratch apple pie we made. See Bryce even made a little apple on top with an A.

We got to enjoy this really cool Christmas train that came to our town. They pick different towns every year and we were the lucky ones. There were 4 carts completely decorated with Christmas stuff. Then when you exited the kids got a gift bag and hot chocolate.

2008 was wonderful. Was it perfect? No. But, then again maybe it was. We have some beautiful memories. We are so thankful for everyone of our Family members, friends and neighbors. THANKS for the smiles. Looking forward to ALL God has in store for 2009



Ginger said...

How fun!! I loved that!!
You need to do a post about your house. I've never seen it.

mommy4 said...

Oh, so cute. Yes, the cow thing is so funny, sad, and full of drama!! I have to come and visit, we always have the greatest time.

Vicki said...

Come on down your the next contestant, and you know the Price is Right!! Ginger I will do a post on my house soon, but before that it will be the Red Schoolhouse.

Life on The Rowland Ranch said...

Looks like a great year Vic!
Can't wait to see the Little Red Schoolhouse!!!
Love you much!

Shipra Panosian said...

what a fun recap. That cake, Vic, is sensational. It looked amazing and sCrUmpTiOUs. The 'cow drama' bit made me laugh. I don't thing renaming the cow will make too much of a difference come slaughtering time but hey, it's worth a shot. We had lobster for dinner New Years (it's a MAINE thing :)) So Papo buys them fresh from the coast and for a whole day there is a bag of five living crawly lobsters bidding their time in the fridge. Then that night, Papo got out this huge pot and got ready to boil them alive and Chivan burst into tears. It was soooo sad. Even I had to go into my room. And those were just lobsters!!! I don't know how you guys are going to be able to butcher your cow.
Oh, and I never had seen pics of your fresh produce before. WAY TO GO!!!!!! I'm next, I am determined to grow something this next year. Cherry tomatoes by the bucketload. We'll see...