Monday, March 5, 2012

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This past month we celebrated Colin turning 13. A year ago Bryce and I started talking about how important of a birthday this would be for him. And what it meant to us as his parents. Bryce really felt like we should have a big celebration and honor him. He also wanted to call him to a "Standard" as a Man of God. And WOW. It was an incredible night and not just for me and my family. We gotsome amazing compliments and testimonies about what the night meant to a lot of people in attendance. So here's the story if you will. Bryce had a few men go out to breakfast, lunch and dinner with he and Colin. He asked the men to share life lessons, experiences, failures and victories of their own. All the meals were a great light and testimony to God's faithfulness in these men's lives. Then Sunday the 19th we had a big dinner reception for Colin. We had the meal catered and the decor simple but elegant. Bryce talked to him about all of the "Standards" that they had been talking about. 1. Serve and that the greatest thing he will do is serve. His Lord, family, friends and neighbors. 2. Protect his home and family one day. 3. Integrity to walk the right road. Because you see so many people lack integrity. We want to make people like us so we often do what we need to do and not necessarily the right thing to do. 4. Character, in life he will need to be a Man of character. One that people will be able to trust and respect. And the last one that I added was LOVE. Because without Love we are nothing and can do nothing. The Bible says the Greatest of these is Love. So we charged him with all the Standards. Then there was open microphone time where people got up and shared memories or advice. It was special my brother spoke so beautifully to Colin, I cried because my baby is 13. Russ Buckwalter our friend and his employer spoke of the great worker he already is. Ed Carel a friend that has seen Colin grow up encouraged him in being a man of God. My father in law told him how precious he was and how much he loves him. Others spoke great scriptures and advice to Colin. Robert Johnson recited a poem that means so much to Bryce and Colin. Even teenagers got up and said wonderful things. After that time we had a special prayer for Colin. Not just so that his life is good. But that because he chooses to follow Christ his life will be GREAT. And NO, that does not mean that it will be easy! Then we had a slide show and a time of presents cake coffee and tea. It was so great. I am so thankful for a Godly husband that saw the need to charge and challenge Colin to be a Man of God no matter what it takes. I do have some pictures but instead I am going to show you all the slide show we showed at the party!! Well I can't figure out the slide here are some pics of Colin from baby till now :)


{amy} said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate, encourage, and challenge him!

Vicki said...

Amy, yes it was so good. I pray that Colin will always be a Man after God's heart!!!

harada57 said...
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