Friday, December 2, 2011

Rest of my month long Thankful Days

Not that I am not Thankful everyday....but to end the month of November with are the rest of my days :)

Day 10 thankful that angels protected me from getting run over on walk this morning :)

Thankful day 11...the date 11-11-11. What a perfect day to Celebrate Veterans. I am honored to have had family serve in the armed forces. To all the soldiers out there I Honor you for all you have done for the Country!!!!

Day 12 thankful for my husband being home and doing all the cooking :)

Day 13 Thankful to be almost done with my Christmas shopping :)

Day 14 thankful for being able to buy many people can not :(

Day 15 Thankful for the rain!!!

Day 16 thankful is my Day 11 exercise. I rolled my ankle on the first 1/2 mile lap...I shed a couple of tears and pushed through. I made my best time yet for the 1.5 mile :) Then gathered my children to do the last 1.5 mile walk together. It was nice !! I am thankful for God healing my ankle during my run :D

Day 17 Thankful for change.......Change of friendships, change of seasons, change of feelings, change of commitments, change of self........ change it keeps me growing :)

Day 18 Thankful...This one is going to shock you. But I am very very thankful for fly swatters. I am a fly killer and proud of it :)

Day 19 thankful for Homer as Darla Garza and their kids. My aunt and uncle. They came to visit before heading to Oklahoma. Owen loves puff daddy. And we love hanging out with them.

Thankful Day 20 Hanging out with family and laughing till your sides hurt.

Thankful Day 21 Getting 200 peices of clothing for only .07 a piece at Justus......

Day 22 thankful for friends and their stories. Today was great!

Day 23 Because I don't have enough going on today I woke up to a flat tire. So now kids and I are at tire shop. Next up walking. Then home to finish packing. Today I'm thankful there is a tire shop around the corner :)
Day 24 Turkey dinner and all the trimmings with precious family :)

Day 25 walking in the morning with one of my favorite people around. Mary Beth

Day 26 watching my kids swim in the Gaudalupe river jet skiing, tubing and fishing

Day 27 visiting Heritage Homestead as a was fun :)

Day 28 being home with my family .........

Thankful Day 29 naps...sometimes you just need them.

Thankful Day 30 Maralee Lewis corn chowder I am fixing to have :)

Well I sure hope I can continue to be Thankful Everyday for Everything!!

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