Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Life. Trials. Hard times. Good times. Fun. Joy. Sadness.
It's ALL about Perspective my friends

defined as:
A particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view. True understanding of the relative importance of things; a sense of proportion

Just wanted to give you a little lesson before I begin. First of all I am so sorry that it has been 2 months since my last blog. Honestly I have been fighting off the Depression beast, and have no desire to do much of anything. But that is so another post:0

So this past weekend May 20-22, 2011. We went on a family camping trip. This trip had been on the Calendar for 2 months. I worked ALL week long getting a menu made, groceries bought, clothes packed, food packed, all of our bedding packed, and ALL of our camping needs. For the camper and ourselves. It is WORK, I tell you. But definitely work that I don't mind doing for some great family time. Notice I said "great". Well the day of telling my kids it was 3, 2, 1 days away came and went ....and the DAY was here . The day we were all looking forward too. We loaded up the suburban and were off. We had a three hour drive, that I prepared for. We were to start listening to our audio version of Narnia. It was great. We were headed to Arkansas to camp at Daisy State Park. It was in the back hills. The drive was absolutely beautiful. We got to ohh and awww over the hills and valleys. We arrived at the park at 3:30. Immediately we set up house. We got the camper all popped up and all the beds made. My home away from home was organized and ready. So being the shy person I am...JK. I went to visit friends. We talked about all the stuff they had been doing and all the things we planned to do. Bryce was getting ready to head out on the canoe. I noticed the kids were riding their bikes at lightning speed, and said "Bryce how are you with the kids doing that, it seems so dangerous to me" He then said "Oh Vic let them be kids" Well......2 minutes later. I was peeling my daughter off the ground, and Instantly knew she had to go to the doctor. Her chin was busted and hanging open. We did all the right things put pressure, clean and then bandage. While I was running to get the suburban that Bryce left at the boat dock. Others were setting up the tom tom and giving us instructions. I was not around for all that I was running to get pinkie and her puppy. Things I knew she would need to comfort her on our 1 hour drive to the ER. She was a little in and out, tired and restless. We got to the ER and signed her up. Did I mention that there were Severe storms all around? As we sat and waited we watch the TV we were shocked at the weather that was headed to the campsite. The nurse came in then the Doctor. He was young and completely not patient with children. I had asked people to pray as Lucy has only been to the doctor 2 other times in her life. And I knew it would be hard on her. He was irritated that she would not keep still . So he said for the nurses to STRAP her down? What? Well they did. Can I tell you how incredibly hopeless I felt as a parent? Here I was right next to her, but she didn't feel it. She begged us to help her out. She begged us not to leave her. And that, that is when I could no longer be strong. I broke down. I was crying so bad I hid my face. I knew that this was what she needed, and yet it hurt to see her go through it. After they were done she sat up and declared that she was going to try to be brave but it was too much. We reassured her of her braveness and told her she could pick anything she wanted to eat. She picked MC Donald's. I hate that place. But swallowed hard and took her there anyway. It was 9 pm at this point. And to say that we were tired well that was an understatement. We had a pit stop at the gas station, Wal-Mart, and KFC. And then headed on our 1 hour drive back to the campsite. We got home to our boys having a "Bachelor Night" in the camper with he Folmar men. Then we all went to bed. We awoke Saturday morning to a Beautiful day. We got all ready after having a nice breakfast. Our day was Blissful. We rented all 6 Kayaks the park had, and enjoyed the water all day. We rode the canoe, sat around the fire, and visited with friends. The kids went swimming, jumped off trees, raced each other, rode bikes and scooters. And we all ate very well. Saturday was Awesome, Amazing and just flat out wonderful. After campfire time, game time, popcorn, smore and cobbler time. We all decided it was bed time. So I headed to the shower and Bryce put the boys to bed. Lucy had asked to go to bed earlier. After being in the bathroom and my mind racing. I thought I have seen way too many scary movies. I will shower in the Am. I headed back to camp and the boys all came running out. "Lucy is hurt" What?? She's asleep. Well "Dad was hanging the lantern, it fell and sliced her head open" Seriously?? So I like a robot went to get my friend that is calmer and had a first aid kit in hand. We all went to the Ladies bathroom men and all. Turns out it was not that bad but head wounds bleed like crazy. So after some time we all went to bed. Can I tell you that we were done at this point? Bryce wanted to pack up and leave that night. I talked him into at least sleeping and leaving in the morning. We slept well, ate breakfast and then the kids went swimming while we packed up. Some f you may read this. Some of you may laugh, cry or even shake your head. I am quick to admit that the trip while it seems like I could surely say was from Hell. I choose to say that it was GRAND. It was hard yes and not sure I want to do it exactly like that again, but we had some great times, with friends and our family. So see it’s all about perspective. And the perspective I am choosing to see is that we made some great memories and enjoyed time with our favorite people. Our children. So how in the world could that have been so bad??

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Amber Joy said...

I'm glad for your memories! But sorry for poor little Lucy. I guess that comes with being the sister to all her brothers!

hapi said...

Hi Vicki, Nice blog! How to add the Glitter Effect Mouse Pointer to your Blog