Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shattered Image...........

So a good friend and I have been discussing for months now reality in blogs. Life on a blog and how different it is from real life. I feel like mine is pretty open to what happens around here. But have thought that you all don't necessarily see the ugly. So not that I want you all to think that my life is not all that and a bag of chips. But I DO want you all to see that my life well it's good, but there is some ugly(it's just real). Like the fact that my kids don't always obey, or the way Bryce and I disagree. Well sometimes it's just down right ugly. Does it negate the fact that we are still 100% committed to each other? Well of course not. We take our vows VERY VERY SERIOUSLY. And it's not entirely because we made them to each other. Why it's because we stood before the God of the Universe and pledged ourselves to each other before him. I fear the wrath of God more than I fear the wrath of Bryce. So many people, sadly to say a lot of Christians do not anymore. And we wonder what's going on with our youth and Nation. Ok this is NOT a marriage post....:) There have been times when I did not think that I have been fit to be a wife and mother. But when I get that feeling I pray. I used to go to the telephone. So someone could tell me my self worth. But now I go to the throne of Jesus. He tells me I am the apple of his eye, that he LOVES me and will NEVER leave me, he says if I draw near to him he will draw near to me.....It's the way things are. I DEPEND on Jesus for everything. I NEED him for everything. Sometimes there is chastising. HE does that to the people he Loves. Only because he wants to see me grow. To have victory in areas I have struggled, to overcome. To hold my toungue, to love and not hate. Jesus is why I can love, be a decent wife and mother. Jesus is why I can love friends, and family enough to give myself. It's all about him. So this my firends is my REALITY. It's not always easy nor do I expect it to be. There have and will continue to be disapoinments. But if I keep my eyes on him, those will only last a little while. Becasue joy comes in the morning!!! So friends...please don't hide behind a fence, image or mirage. Just be you, let Jesus live in you. And you won't have to hide anymore. Oh the Victory in just being you and not what others think you should be is... well it's FRREDOM!! I love all of you!!! Have a wonderful day...Remember we are Blessed to be a Blessing:)

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