Wednesday, December 1, 2010


To continue with my thankful theme. Here is a list if 100 things I am Thankful for.

1. Jesus because of him I am FREE.
2. Bryce he is my heartbeat.
3. Colin he is my right arm, such a servant!
4. Tanner he is my out of the box thinker.
5. Owen he is still my baby boy.
6. Lucy she brought pink into my life and I love it:)
7. Bible I learn so much every time I read it.
8. Family where would I be with out them, all of them:)
9. Friends near and far. I love friends but have learned that a little go a long way.
10. My's not perfect. That's why it is Perfect for me!
11. My car it's paid for.
12. Our yard and land they are so fun.
13. My husband's pays our bills:)
14. Life group.....
15. My health......I still work thank you Jesus.
16. Pictures going through old photos is so fun.
17. My bed.
18. My 5 pillows that I sleep with and take with me where ever I go.
19. Running water.
20. Indoor plumbing.
21. My Kitchen by far favorite room in the house.
22. Butter it really does make everything better.
23. Baking with my kids.
24. Making dinner for my family and friends.
25. My cast iron skillets.....I would be lost without them.
26. My gas stove...oh there is no other stove for me:)
27. Clean laundry.
28. My clothesline.
29. Music...all kinds I love it! Well except for rock...can't handle it!
30. Candles I love them.
31. Home school....oh the great wonders of being home with my kids all day.
32. Books, Books, and more Books.
33. A tidy house. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. It's TRUE!
34. Hazel she has been such a good addition to our family.
35. Ability to raise our own gratifying
36. Cows they are so good to eat!!
37. A freezer to store all our meat.
38. The Internet. I really do enjoying the tool it was created to be.
39. Smell of homemade bread in my home. Oh wait that's why I have weight issues!
40. Being convicted to loose weight.
41. Loosing weight even though it is s-l-o-w-l-y.
42. Mind Pictures...images I take in my mind to remember later.
43. Listening to my kids play together there is no better sound in the world!!!
44. Crafts my kids make.
45. Pictures my kids draw for me.
47. The way my husband can fix ANYTHING!!
48. The way my Husband loves me it's pure and Amazing.
49. My husband's arms. My favorite place in the whole world. Nothing can compare!
50. Home made cookies.
51. Home made tortillas....yet another reason for weight......
52. Home made Tamales...oops here we go again.
53. Long phone conversations with friends.
54. Emails that make me smile.
55. Laughing. It is the BEST medicine out there!!
56. Watching my kids with their made up plays.
57. Reading to my kids.
58. Friends that are Incredible Photographers........
59. Pioneer Woman Website.....just check it out you will see what I mean.
60. This Blog...since I am not scrap booking anymore.
61. Lists....I love them. They make my life easier.
62. Lessons I have learned in life.........
63. Being Daddy's girl......
64. My Daughter's JOY. She wakes up so happy every single day.
65. C.H.E.S.S. our local home school group has been awesome.
66. Sulphur Springs who would have guessed we would be so happy in the country:)
67. 9 pm bed time the angels start to sing and I unwind.....
68. Cell phones how did we get along with out them for so long......
69. Camping as a family. We have the best time and make memories for a lifetime!!!
70. My front porch....oh the fun times on the rocking chairs:)
71. Neighbors.. even though our favorites moved away.
72. Old people...there is just something about them that I am drawn to.
73. Being able to star gaze every night if we want.
74. Funny stories. I love to laugh.
75. Walking in the early morning all alone.
76. Walking with friends.
77. Waking up before anyone peaceful.
78. Beans and corn bread. Poor man's meal is the best.
79. Then Chalupas it's my absolute favorite meal.
80. My kids requesting meals to eat.....says something:)
81. Cheeseburgers..... they are my second favorite.
82. My kids smiles.......
83. Face book....some of you are gagging..but I am a people person!
84. does something to my soul.
85. Calendars...I mark all over mine. Keep them and then read over them..memories
86. My crock pot...this time of year it's my buddy.
87. Taking baked goods to my neighbors......
88. Visiting with my mail man... He is so nice!
89. Getting packages in the mail...even if they are not for me.
90. All of you:)
91. My wedding ring....I got my original back and I am so happy!
92. The smell of a clean newborn baby....ohhhhh I love it!
93. Loving on people that need to be loved on!
94. Sleeping next to my soul mate every night...there isn't anything better.
95. Having sleeping buddies to snuggle with when Dad is gone.
96. Having a Thankful heart....
97. Enjoying Mercy from my Lord.
98. Teaching my kids about the world.
99. Making people happy with there any other way?
100. All of you who have actually read all 100!


Edward and Gretchen said...

Every thankful thought I read. I did it.

So glad you are thankful.


Jody said...

That's an awesome list, Vicki! Print it and post it on your fridge! Love you!