Thursday, November 11, 2010

Miss Patti

Miss Patti was my first neighbor here in Sulphur Springs. She lived across the street from my brother's house that we were renovating. She was super sweet, and always so kind to us. She sewed stuff for us, came to visit, and brought the kids candy. Well then she moved away. And we moved to our home. She came over and helped me here. She recently moved back into the area and I am so excited. Are you wondering why I am doing a post on her? Well let me tell you why. Miss Patti has been instrumental in my weight loss journey. Although we have never worked out together, or even talked about it on the phone. She encouraged me the entire year. She would like or comment on every single work out post I made to Face book. She never missed a day. And I am so very thankful. Every time I saw her thumbs up or comment, I smiled. It's so nice to have people in your life that encourage you always. Miss Patti has been such blessing to me and I am not sure she even knows it. So here is a THANK YOU. I appreciate you encouraging me.....



Patti said...

How sweet! I know what you have been through, and I love to encourage people. At this time last year I had lost 60 pounds. Unfortunately, I have 15 of them back on. So, I guess I need to come exercise with you. And you can encourage ME!!!


P.S. I don't care that you stole a picture of me!!

Vicki said...

Well Miss Patti I figured that you deserved to be thanked. I am so proud of you for losing 60lbs that's incredible! And anytime you would like to walk together I would be honored!!!

devotedmomof7 said...

Patti is such an encourager through facebook to everyone, too, with her kind comments and spiritual posts!